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June 11, 2022

COVID, And Flu, And Monkeys, Oh My!

COVID, And Flu, And Monkeys, Oh My! Season 2 Episode 29

COVID, And Flu, And Monkeys, Oh My! Season 2 Episode 29

[Recording Date: June 11, 2022]

Hey there, Kits!

After a few an interview-heavy period and following the Ontario provincial election, our regular format for our flagship episode is back.

Today we speak of two recent important political events, check in with our National COVID and CPC Convoy update after about 5 weeks away, talk economy and housing, and of course, we’ll finish it off with our blog page, Twitter feed, and podcast listener/reader feedback and yes, finally, the cool news is back.

Kenney's not quite gone yes, Ford's still with us (sadly), so messes are still being made.

Come sit with us; won’t you?



1 Greeting [0:01:12]

2 Banter and Political Check-in00 [0:03:32]

3 National COVID and CPC Convoy Update [0:38:40]

4 Economics and Housing Interview Preview [0:41:34]

7 Reader / Listener Feedback [2:00:11]

8 The Cool News [2:05:30]

9 Closing [2:13:42]


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This is Episode 29 of the True North Eager Beaver's flagship show

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