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[Beaver Bites, Episode 18]

Recording Date: Friday, May 6]

12 declared candidates quickly got whittled down to 6, and the first (unofficial) debate of the COVID Party of Canada's leadership race was, sadly, imposed upon the nation via that which was once called The Manning Centre.

Suffice it to say the whole event confirmed that as much as Conservatives claim they despise Liberals, they despise each other even more.

The party did itself no favours. It most definitely seems to want to cement its reputation as both the nasty party and the crazy party.

It's a bit of a mixed bag on this episode as this week, it truly is minimal (as in almost none) script and flying without a net.


Not everyone can do everything. But everyone can do something. Because we believe that “Democracy Is Something You Do”, this week we have two suggestions for you:

1 - If you want to let a certain nation know you're not on its side, feel free to e-mail a package of sunflower seeds to:

ATTN: Ambassador Alexander Darchiev

Embassy of (you know where)

285 Charlotte St, Ottawa, ON K1N 8L5

2 - Help Make the Conservative Party Progressive (or even actually conservative) Again. Apply for a CPC membership and vote "Not Pierre (or worse)" in the CPC Leadership race.


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Democracy is Something You Do. 

Be Kind to & Gentle with Yourself.