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July 25, 2022

Beaver Bites -- The Big Liar Is Gonna Swing and Other Political Short Stories (featuring Ryan Lindley, co-host The Sheeple Shepherd podcast)

Beaver Bites -- Episode 25 -- The Big Liar Is Gonna Swing and Other Political Short Stories (featuring Ryan Lindley, co-host The Sheeple Shepherd podcast)

[Recording Date: July 24 2022]

On this unexpected and unplanned episode of Beaver Bites, Messieurs Grizzly and Beaver delve into many other topic that have made for quite full news weeks of late: Though it is about the US, it is also the​ turducken of plenty for political junkies, the January 6th hearings have now taken place with a what-was-to-be-final final prime time episode; but seems "the ratings" were so YUGE that -- fittingly for a TV President -- there's a need for a season two. In addition, we talk turbines, CPC leadership fail, virtue signaling, and oh... The Loudmouth martyrs are building themselves a church and embassy: daily nailing of selves to crosses at 11.

We had set some time aside to hopefully complete an interview, but couldn't coordinate schedules. But we love you Kits so much, that such a situation only means that you get the present with some Bonus Beaver and Grizzly.

And of course, since this was unplanned, we are, this time, lying with much less net than usual, and pretty much no script...

And, once again, The Talented Mr. Lindly (aka Mr. Otter) , co-host of The Sheeple Shepherd podcast), kindly pops in along the way for this "part three"(-ish) of Tuesday's show (it truly has been a firehose of news over the past 10, or so, days!).

We've made an extra-comfy place, just for you. We'd love your company.

PS: This episode is also available on our new True North Eager Beaver Media YouTube channel at [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeZ9siY91-HQbgwp-ooP_5Q/featured].


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This is Episode 25 of the True North Eager Beaver's "Beaver Bites" format

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