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September 12, 2022

Beaver Bites -- It Was Supposed To Be Just a Nibble

Beaver Bites -- Episode 29 -- It Was Supposed To Be Just a Nibble

Beaver Bites -- Episode 29 -- It Was Supposed To Be Just a Nibble

[Recording Date: September 10, 2022]

Hey Kits!

It's surprise Bonus Beaver and what a bonus it is.

We had initially planned to just do a quick half hour of content plus intro and extro, and well.... you know how he we are.

Today, we talk about a very strange online encounter Mr. Grizzly had with a former Sun Media troll who, in 2004, was "rated lowest among the 18 city hall reporters for accuracy, fairness and knowledge by a Ryerson Review of Journalism surveyed city councilors and who later on, was criticized by the National NewsMedia Council for a "serious breach of journalistic standards"[6] for an October 2018 column which falsely alleged that immigrants and refugee claimants temporarily residing at the Radisson Hotel Toronto East were slaughtering goats in one of the hotel's public bathrooms, before taking an express slip and slide to an independent right wing trash operation. Apparently, she wants us to be kind to Nazis.

We also discuss the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II -- and of course the implications for wannabe Queen Romano Cheese, and actual qWeen of Canada, queen Bea(ver).

And Mr. Otter (the always delightful Ryan Lindley) drops in for an audience with the qWeen.

Join us for some weekend political chat, won't you?

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This is episode 29 of the Beaver Bites series.


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