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September 07, 2022

Beaver Bites -- Back to School special.

Episode 28 of the Beaver Bites Live stream format,

Episode 28 of the Beaver Bites Live stream format,

[Recording Date: September 6, 2022]

It's back to school and being the keeners that we are, we showed up early to get a seat in the front row.

Our latest Bites has a bit of international sabor we take a trip around the world on Air Beaver -- with our good friend Percival guiding the tour -- to check in on major political developments in the United Kingdom, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Chile and Argentina, among others.

We talk a bit more about the verbal attack on Deputy Prime Minister of Canada and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland and the general scope of toxic behaviour, the federal Liberals' micro-shuffle, that Roamin' Trailer Lady's sudden seemingly too-good-to-be-true (it is) legion of international bad boy fans, and some totally sketch behaviour with leadership ballots (CPC one's, of course).

And The Eager Beaver announces that he's getting himself a slice of that 'call yourself a queen, get yourself some green' action, by acceeding to his rightful seat on the throne as the actual 'queen'' of Canada. P.S. Send money.

We're back, and sillier than ever.

A bit more scripted this week as we want to be facts first and get them right, but no less your favourite frockling furries.

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Democracy is Something You Do. 

Be Kind to & Gentle with Yourself.