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August 30, 2022

Back To Cool... It Down, Man!

This is Episode 31 of the True North Eager Beaver Flagship format.

This is Episode 31 of the True North Eager Beaver Flagship format.

[Recording Date: August 29, 2022]

Heeeee-eeeeey Kitties!

August is coming to a close, and since Mr. Grizzly and I are keeners, we decided to be back -- and back at it -- with our signature TNEB flagship episodes.

On this flagship episode, we have curated, especially for you, stories and commentary on: the unwelcome wagon that greeted Finance Minister Freeland, and how exploiting all the 'isms' for political advantage may not be a decent long-term play; how Pierre Poilievre keeps on choosing to fail the statesmanship test; Bell Media not being able to do public relations correctly; of course, the avalanche of impending consequence culture for the residents of Trumplandia; and, much, much more, including your feedback as well as the cool news.

Yes, we are a wee bit for early for back to school, but we're keeners, so we wanted to be sure we got a front row seat in class this semester.

So, pull up a log and join us, won't you? We'd love the pleasure of your company.


Not everyone can do everything. But everyone can do something.

Since we believe that Democracy Is Something You Do...

Food Insecurity for Canadians is on rise; please donate to your local Food Bank or Soup Kitchen.

And If you wish to act globally as well as locally, a small group of Canadians have come together to help provide a basic income to Rosie, a dedicated and industrious woman in Kenya, raising 2 children and caring for 2 elderly parents, with a monthly $25 contribution. Of course, whatever one can contribute, even it is just one time, helps and will be happily accepted. If you too would like to become a "Friend of Rosie" to help to keep 5 people alive in Kenya -- and give your heart a bit of glow in the process, please enjoy our episode on the subject of food insecurity here [https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/food-in-security-ft-constance-howes-the-rosie-project/id1564803781?i=1000569212050], and then get in touch with us via our email address below.


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Democracy is Something You Do. 

Be Kind to & Gentle with Yourself.