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April 21, 2023

99.9% Funded by the Government --- The Daily Beaver Morning Show

99.9% Funded by the Government --- The Daily Beaver Morning Show Episode 111

99.9% Funded by the Government --- The Daily Beaver Morning Show Episode 111

Hey Kits!

Weekdays at 7-ish Eastern, we livestream The Daily Beaver Morning Show, a (sometimes) quick take on the news, in addition to our usual formats.

After Day 4 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, all Canadian teams are 1 - 1. Off the ice, Jagmeet Singh takes a shot for the blue line, but this show's first star is the economy. We touch upon inflation, interest rates, the dollar, mortgage rates, and more.

Today, we spend a good time focusing on Canada's Minister of Tourism and the Associate Minister of Finance, who following a recent appearance on The Herle Burly, impressed us by not only the way he answered the questions, but also by how on top he was on many files that were not necessarily his own.

We also touch on Minivandy having absolutely neither shame nor self-awareness, the Conservatives running the interim ethics commissioner out of town, Conservatives upset (again) at the PM's Christmas vacation (again), Premier Moe's stupidity, and have a bit of feedback from our Kits and Kubs.

Join us for this Friday morning Bite.

Today -- we talk about:

  • Harm Reduction Works
  • Stanley Cup Playoffs
  • Randy Boissonault Impresses
  • Affordability
  • Investing in Green
  • The Liberal-NDP Agreement
  • Debt-to-GDP
  • Child Care
  • $¢heer Opacity
  • Ethics Office Void
  • Skippy Gets Served
  • Fork, You're Dumb Moe
  • Kits 'n' Kubs' Feedback

Our morning show is the purrr-fect thing for busy Kits who are on-the-go, but still want to stay engaged.

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This is episode number 104 of The Daily Beaver Morning Show.


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[Recording Date: April 21, 2023]

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