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Great Pod

Appointment listening for me every week. Can’t wait for each new episode.

This is a great podcast!

A great and insightful podcast about shows. I look forward to what they revisit in future episodes. Lost is great and it is awesome to use this as a companion to rewatching a show or even if you are watching for the first time.

Enjoyable Second look at Lost

Fun and informative second look at Lost if you can get past the lack of objectivity. I enjoy the top points that they bring to the table for the episodes. Just know in advance that the co-hosts have their favorite characters and sometimes the commentary suffers for it (constantly hearing that Jack is the worst gets old real fast to the point of fast-forwarding through the nonsense).

Great podcast

Ben and Kristin are doing a great job with this podcast. They are Always entertaining, although often completely wrong with their character opinions.

Love these two hosts!!!!

You won’t find two better debating hosts that love each other and sound better with each other than these two! Great fun!

Love it

Two great pods brought together. Love it.