The Realm of Possibilities

This is a place where we LEARN what motivates others and the sense of purpose that drives them. Where we see lessons APPLIED. And where we seek to REPEAT successful life stories.
Get ready to laugh, cheer and maybe even shed a tear.

Let’s enter… The Realm of Possibilities.

Nov. 24, 2023

The Marketing Shift: Authenticity, Connection, and Awareness | Part 2

Kevin and Derrick continue their conversation from Episode 4, delving into topics too important to leave out. From life changing literature, to the importance of building word-of-mouth relationships, Kevin shares his thoughts...

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Nov. 11, 2023

The Marketing Shift: Authenticity, Connection, and Awareness | Part 1

Episode 4 of Realm of Possibilities invites you to a profound discussion led by Derrick Mains and Kevin Myers. Explore the dynamic transformation within the marketing sphere as they delve into the concept of the "great dissol...

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Oct. 27, 2023

Transforming Marketing Through AI, Love, and the Data Revolution

Episode 3 of Realm of Possibilities offers a captivating exploration led by Derrick Mains and Kevin Myers. Uncover the seismic changes remolding the marketing landscape, driven by the disruptive force of AI and the impending ...

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Oct. 13, 2023

Navigating Minds and Machines: Insights Across Psychology and AI

Explore a captivating array of subjects in Episode 2 of Realm of Possibilities, where Derrick Mains and Kevin Myers engage in thought-provoking dialogue. Delve into the profound interplay between psychology, biology, autonomy...

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Sept. 29, 2023

Becoming the Stone: Igniting Ripples of Change in The Marketing Space

Dive into the debut episode of Realm of Possibilities as Kevin Myers and Derrick Mains traverse a diverse landscape of themes, from AI and data privacy to healthcare and the future of marketing. Discover why "being the stone"...

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Sept. 20, 2023


Welcome to The Realm of Possibilities… This is a place where we will LEARN what motivates others, what people truly value, and the sense of purpose that drives them. It’s a place where we will see lessons APPLIED from biology...

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About the Hosts

Kevin Myers Profile Photo

Kevin Myers

Chief Product & Marketing Officer, AiAdvertising

Lead host of The Realm of Possibilities, Kevin believes in the power of “Marketer + Machine”. The world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows us to do things that were previously incomprehensible or impossible and enables businesses to leverage human behavior predictors while measuring the performance of every marketing investment. As CMIO (Chief Marketing & Information Officer) of Donatos Pizza, he led successful rebranding and sales growth strategies. Myers also transformed data assets into a comprehensive customer engagement, and loyalty, framework.
Previously, Myers served as CMO for ACT! and Saleslogix CRM, helping bridge marketing and technology product development.

It’s his insatiable curiosity and innovation that has driven Kevin’s successes, from notable positions at companies such as Cold Stone Creamery, Redbird Capital run businesses, IBM Sterling Solutions, American Hospital Supply/Baxter Healthcare (Cardinal), and Frito-Lay.
Myers credits his engineering degree from Ohio State for his ability to align technology with market needs. With his impressive background, he has earned a reputation as an innovative marketing leader.

Derrick Mains Profile Photo

Derrick Mains

Founder & CEO, The Process Fixer

Derrick Mains is an experienced consultant and Emmy Award-winning content creator dedicated to optimizing processes and innovating. As CEO of The Process Fixer, he helps organizations embrace change through analysis and time studies.

Mains has authored four books on Lean Management and created the docuseries “Riding Phat.” Known for his dynamic personality and bold ideas, he has consulted for over 100 major brands, including two fortune 500 companies. Mains is a thought leader helping companies adapt efficiently to new challenges.