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Jan. 25, 2024

Ep. 3: God Will Make You Wait To Increase Your Value - Pt 2 (Ft. Apostle Tanya Tenica)

IT'S PART TWO!!!! This week, we continue our conversation with Apostle Tanya Tenica about how God will make you wait to increase your value. This is a no-holds-barre conversation about God, singleness, sex, abstinence, and more.


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The Man Fast Podcast is a podcast empowering Christian women to put God first, heal, grow, and prepare for the husband of their prayers! Hosted by Tamika Hall, The Man Podcast features interviews, candid conversations, and Biblical truth.

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Tanya Tenica

Apostle | CEO

An international best-selling author, as voted in the top 30 coaches to watch by the NYC Journal, our multi-talented influencer wears many hats with grace. A dynamic speaker, captivating TV host, and the visionary behind the groundbreaking School of Activation, she is on a mission to shatter stress and break free from the cookie-cutter mold.

In her presence, empowerment becomes a lifestyle as she guides you to walk confidently in your full authority. As a catalyst for change, she activates and releases thought leaders, coaches, and ministry leaders across the seven spheres of influence.

Her mantra? Simplify and streamline. Through her mentorship, she teaches the art of creating a world filled with transformative, healthy, and high-performing leaders who seamlessly blend business and ministry in Spirit and truth. Join her journey and step into your full authority with confidence!