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March 7, 2024

Don't Allow Depression to Hold You Captive!

Don't Allow Depression to Hold You Captive!


YOU CAN BOUNCE BACK FROM DEPRESSION! I know what it is to be depressed and stay in bed all day. Depression is very real, it can be crippling, and the strength of it can be overwhelming. But we serve a God who has the power to overwhelm everything that is overwhelming us.

If you’re battling depression, here are some things you can do:

1. Be honest with yourself about what you’re feeling.

2. Remember that Today will not last forever. You will get through this!

3. Do the opposite of what the “depressed voice” is telling you. Don’t stay in bed…get up and out (yes, even if you don’t feel like it).

4. Clean your surroundings. It’s amazing how our surroundings reflect the way we feel inside. Getting your space in order will help you feel better.

5. Set attainable goals. Maybe you can’t organize the entire closet or clean the whole house today…start with taking out the trash. Then, set another goal and another.

6. Do something you enjoy! Depression can push you to give in to your fatigue. It may feel more powerful than happy emotions.

Try to push back and do something you love — something that’s relaxing but energizing. It could be playing an instrument, painting, hiking, or biking.

7. Seek professional help if you need to.

8. Connect to God. I didn’t put this last as an afterthought, I listed it here because the #8 represents new beginnings (I know I’m churchy right? 🤣 #unapologetic). It’s amazing how connecting with God, going back to church, listening to an uplifting sermon will shift your mood.