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June 2, 2023

Professor Janice Robinson misses her Mama Tish

Professor Janice Robinson misses her Mama Tish

On the seventh episode of THE LAST THING I WISHED I SAID, Linda speaks to Professor Janice Robinson, who teaches at CSUN in Africana Studies, Academic First Year Experiences, & English.  She often teaches writing to international students online who will be attending a variety of universities in the US. In addition, she is an actress, vocalist and model. At 66 years of age, Janice is embarking on her Ed.D. in the College of Education this fall at CSUN. 

Janice shares the love and loss of her dear grandmother, Theresa Gertrude Carter, aka Mama Tish, who loved Janice unconditionally when her own mother did not. Janice can be followed on Facebook.

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