The Index Podcast
July 14, 2021

Women in Blockchain Building the Decentralized Future with Val Mack

Women in Blockchain Building the Decentralized Future with Val Mack

Each week host Alex Kehaya interviews decentralized builders creating the next wave of the Internet, brought to you by The Graph.

In the third episode, Alex talks with Val Mack, a core developer for the Ceramic Network. This peer-to-peer protocol is open-sourcing the world's information with decentralized data streams. Val is a mentor at the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator and has organized various blockchain groups, such as Women Who Code and SF Cryptocurrency Developers.

Val is also the Founder of Festival Labs, which offers a blockchain developer program called “Bloom” that brings gender diversity to Web3.

Bloom is a blockchain and smart contract development program designed for and by women and genderqueer individuals. Festival Labs’ mission is to provide students with the levels of technical competency required to be prepared for full-time roles or contract work with companies within the crypto and Web3 space.

In the podcast, Val discusses why diversity is essential in software development teams and how different cultural backgrounds bring more creativity and innovation to technology.

“The challenges we face are incredibly complex. We must tackle these [challenges] with ideas and ingenuities from a wide variety of backgrounds and contexts. When we have diverse teams, we can actually address more of the world problems that we face today.”

Val also talks about Ceramic Mainnet’s recent launch and how it will complement blockchain’s open value infrastructure, playing a key role for developers looking to build full-stack Web3 applications.

Listen to Alex’s full interview with Val Mack and learn more about the future of Web3 on The Index podcast, which is available on July 14th for download via Apple, Spotify, and other major streaming platforms.

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