The Index Podcast
June 13, 2021

Why I Love Talking to Entrepreneurs

Why I Love Talking to Entrepreneurs

I’ve been really fortunate in my life. I’ve had many entrepreneurs take a chance on me whether it involved investing in my company or hiring me as an employee. On many occasions, they’ve taken the risk even though I didn’t necessarily have adequate experience at the time.

I believe that there are two particular reasons I’ve been able to pull this off. Firstly, I always strive to put myself out there and consistently make the effort to show up. Secondly, I’ve been fortunate to encounter generous individuals who were willing to take the time to listen and offer advice. These relationships that I’ve started and maintained with fellow entrepreneurs and businesses have been pivotal to my career and myself as an entrepreneur, and I can’t stress how pertinent it is to continuously aim for building strong relationships.

So, what do I love about meeting entrepreneurs?

Giving back

My number one reason for talking to entrepreneurs, whether they’re seasoned veterans or first-time entrepreneurs, is about giving back. Five years ago, a friend helped me get connected with a successful CEO of a startup based in Santa Barbara. Meeting him presented a great opportunity to pitch to him a crazy idea I wanted to throw out there, but having never attempted to build a startup before, I wasn’t sure where to begin. What I wanted to know first was: “How do I turn my idea into a reality?”

I didn’t want money, I wanted direction and insight.

The CEO recommended I read Steve Blank’s book: The Four Steps To The Epiphany.

Following his advice, I studied the book front to back. From doing so, I learned about the Lean Startup — a movement that has shaped my career and brought fulfillment to my passion as an entrepreneur.

My career has grown since that meeting ten years ago, but I still recognize the value that CEO was able to bring just by pointing me in the right direction with a simple recommendation.

As a more experienced entrepreneur now, I feel the least I can do is reach out to others and provide them with help in whatever way I can. I don’t expect anything in return. My hope is that I can add the same value to them that the CEO did for me. Ideally, those that I encounter would also be motivated to pay it forward to others in the future.

Investing in relationships

To me, business is all about relationships. In order to develop and sustain a successful business, it is first necessary to invest in relationships. In the entrepreneurial world, starting a relationship with another is as simple as offering help in any capacity. While building a relationship certainly requires time and effort, those connections are invaluable because you never know when you might work together or receive help in return.

I’ve witnessed how investing in genuine relationships is rewarding because they can add value to you and your work. Keep in mind that your intention in helping others should never be to expect something in return or to seek out those who are most valuable. Trust that if you offer value to any relationship, you will be rewarded with value as well whether it be in the form of simple favors, partnership, mentorship, or more connections down the line.

I won’t lie — startups can be challenging but in the end, are all worth it. You’ll need as many friends and partners as you can have by your side in order to succeed.

I’m here to help all entrepreneurs seeking guidance or help. Regardless of what it is you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to reach out and connect with me to help point you in the right direction. Chances are, I’ll at least hop on a call or Skype to find out what we can do for you. Reach out to

P.S. Here’s another great book about Customer Development that is much more condensed than Steve Blank’s book. While I recommend checking out both works, this one will get you up and running sooner.