The Index Podcast
March 23, 2022

Web3 Revolution and the Future of Data Ownership with Jon Poole, Oasis Protocol Foundation

Web3 Revolution and the Future of Data Ownership with Jon Poole, Oasis Protocol Foundation

Every episode, host Alex Kehaya talks with thought leaders, educators, and decentralized builders, creating the next wave of the Internet. This show is brought to you by The Graph.

This week Alex joins Jon Poole, Community Lead and Business Development for the Oasis Protocol Foundation. The Oasis Foundation was created with the purpose of coordinating and fostering a global community around the Oasis Network. The mission of the Oasis Foundation is to promote the empowerment, governance and decentralization of the Oasis Network and its ecosystem

Alex and Jon take a deep dive into the Web3 revolution, privacy in the metaverse, and the future of data ownership.

Most people don't realize that the data they accumulate throughout the day and give away is valuable. Currently, data is the number-one commodity within the 21st century, surpassing oil. 

Jon talks more about Oasis Protocol's current partnership with Nebula Genomics the leading privacy-focused personal genomics service.

We are working with Nebula. George Church is incredible. I mean, he's the grandfather of genetic synthetics, and he put his genome sequence into an NFT using Parcel, and they auctioned it off on the Akoin network. And what Nebula is doing allows you to stake your genetic identity, your genetic sequence, on Parcel for third parties to rent that data from you.

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