The Index Podcast
May 4, 2022

Building the Future of Web3 with Avichal Garg, Founder of Electric Capital

Building the Future of Web3 with Avichal Garg, Founder of Electric Capital

In this episode of The Index, host Alex Kehaya speaks with Avichal Garg. Avichal is a managing partner at Electric Capital, an equity and token venture capital company focused on building the future of Web3. Electric Capital's team of engineers shares expertise in governance, token economics, cryptography, and distributed systems to assist Web3 founders in growing their businesses.

Avichal co-founded Electric Capital with his college friend Curtis Spencer in 2018. They didn't intend to become venture capitalists, but after starting the firm, the business took off quickly and achieved early success with their investments. Luckily, Avical had former experience as CEO & co-founder of Spool, a personal Internet recorder acquired by Facebook in 2012, and CTO and co-founder of PrepMe, an adaptive learning and test engine for students.

Electric Capital stands out because of its investment team, which comprises engineers with computer science backgrounds. That allows the company to provide valuable technical knowledge and build the software to support the Web3 revolution. The key is identifying what's missing from the Web3 operating system technology stack and then building the solution.

One of the biggest unknowns right now, Avichal points out, is privacy tech in Web3. He notes that Electric Capital is one of the more prominent investors in privacy tech. However, there's still no clear path forward for a decentralized network, particularly for social media. 

The education potential of Web3 is where Avichal sees a lot of potential for a worldwide flow of money and talent. By identifying up-and-coming talent and providing them with the right skills, new markets will be unlocked, especially when anyone can access these educational resources globally and work remotely. 

To learn more about Electric Capital, thoughts about decentralized social media, and the outlook of Web3 from an investor's standpoint, including which sectors will most likely thrive in Web3, listen to Alex Kehaya's full interview with Avichal Garg. The podcast is available for download via Apple, Spotify, and other major streaming platforms.

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