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Aug. 11, 2021

Unstoppable Cloud and Building a Decentralized Web with Greg Osuri

Unstoppable Cloud and Building a Decentralized Web with Greg Osuri

This week, host Alex Kehaya interviews decentralized builders, creating the next wave of the Internet, which is brought to you by The Graph.

In this episode, Alex talks with Greg Osuri, Founder and CEO of Akash Network, the world's first open-source cloud. They discuss building censorship-resistant networks, big tech deplatforming, and laying the foundation for a decentralized Internet.

Osuri wrote his first line of code when he was 12 years old and would embark on a life-long career in software engineering. Early in his career, he was a technical architect for Miracle Software Systems and a consultant for IBM and SBILabs.

He later became the Founder and CTO of AngelHack in 2011, a global hackathon organization with over 50k developers. There, he helped create — a powerful suite of tools designed to manage logistical complexity for running distributed hackathons around the globe. That experience led him to launch the Akash Network with Adam Bozanich.

"That's when the idea of creating a decentralized marketplace came about. When we started this marketplace, we wanted to make sure that it was open-source and remained open-source, both in terms of access and source code. We needed to give sovereignty back to developers.”

With 8.4 million data centers, an estimated 85% of server capacity underutilized, and accelerated global demand for cloud computing, the Akash team identified a huge opportunity to provide developers a more cost-effective solution.

“So if you imagine a cloud is a fabric of society, all your data sits on the cloud. The majority of this cloud is actually controlled by four companies Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Alibaba. And that very thought is scary, right? So that's when the idea for our company came about. The Akash Network offers a decentralized and open-source cloud at a reduced rate, the price point is about one-third the cost of what a company would pay Amazon."

At Akash, the company believes that for a system to reach (or exceed) the Internet's scale, the system must improve upon its foundational principles while solving the apparent inefficiencies inadvertently introduced. 

Listen to Alex's full interview with Greg Osuri, Founder and CEO of Akash Network, and learn more about the future of Web3 and building censorship-resistant networks. The episode is now available for download via Apple, Spotify, and other major streaming platforms.

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