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Oct. 21, 2022

How Web3 and Decentralization will Transform Education with Nadav Zeimer

How Web3 and Decentralization will Transform Education with Nadav Zeimer

This week host Alex Kehaya joins Nadav Zeimer, founder of and author of Education in the Digital Age. Zeimer is a software engineer who is an award-winning blockchain expert taking up space in education technology by reinventing metrics for accessing grades in high school.

Today, we discuss how digital platforms are transforming students' learning and how trends like decentralization and open source can impact education. 

Nadav Zeimer is a well-versed academic background—he attended the Rudolf Steiner School and Waldorf school system. Later, he studied quantum chemistry at a university in France and took a physics degree to become a software engineer.

His rich education experience and hard-working lifestyle were instrumental in his career choice as an educator. They contributed to cultivating in him the need for executive training and development to be taught in schools. 

Zeimer’s early days in teaching began as a robotic coach and a physics teacher. After that, he became a principal in New York City in 2012.

One of Zeimer’s primary goals in the educational sector is for students to shift from being the consumers of learning to becoming the producers of learning resources. In addition, he strongly recommends that students be graded on their product work just like in the real world and not based on standardized tests., The High School Web3 Platform 

Over the years as a teacher, Zeimer spent his days in the classroom with his students, explaining concepts, setting up podcasts, generating ideas, and coaching his students on creating their metacognitive pieces. 

The app idea development started in 2003; it is a high-stakes academic performance app for high school students. The portfolio app is set to shift teaching to test methods to using the experiential learning format for high school students. 

Furthermore, with the app, high school students are graded by creating innovative videos that deal with complexity using academic and soft skills. According to Zeimer, the method will offer project-based credits for 11th and 12th-grade students, each constituting over 110 hours of work, which will help students prepare for the real world. awards students with 150 polygon tokens that successfully upload a project on the platform. Also, colleges and universities can subscribe to API data and gain access to explore validated students’ academic NFT instead of reading college essays. 

Here are a few highlights 

  • offers ownership to learning for students using the Stake, Pitch, and Mint model for academic NFT transcript.
  • Universities and admission committees can access premium and well-validated student academic achievements. 
  • Teachers can become experts and earn dollars. 

To learn more about Zeimer’s vision for and his desire to transform the learning status quo of high school students, listen to Alex Kehaya’s interview with Zeimer. The podcast is available for download via Apple, Spotify, and other major streaming platforms.

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