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Nov. 4, 2022

How Web3 and Blockchain is Empowering Freedom with Paddy Cerri, Co-founder of Minima

How Web3 and Blockchain is Empowering Freedom with Paddy Cerri, Co-founder of Minima

In this episode of The Index, host Alex Kehaya speaks with Paddy Cerri, Co-founder and Chief Architect at Minima. Cerri is a technology leader who's mission is to deliver the freedom of a decentralized blockchain with his company Minima.

Cerri grew up becoming a techie nerd; his love for math, coding, and physics began at an early age, and this steered the course of a career path as a full-stack coder. He started his career working on Ax Spectrum and has been in the technology industry for about 35 years. 

In his early days after college, he got a job in the gaming industry—building physics engines for Xbox games.

Cerri’s love for blockchain technology began around 2011. In those days, Bitcoin users like Cerri had to use command lines to generate addresses, perform transactions, and retrieve data. 

After a while, Cerri decided to create a network in the blockchain that empowers freedom. Cerri believes that every blockchain user should not only use the system but also be able to communicate, create, and collaborate in the blockchain network. 

Minima, the Freedom Network

Minima is a decentralized network allowing users to run mobile and IoT nodes. It is the world’s first completely decentralized blockchain software and the only blockchain that can be operated on a mobile device. 

The Minima software is user-friendly, allowing its network users to interact directly with other blockchain users without interference. Also, as a decentralized tool, Minima has no control center—all network users are equal. 

Moreover, the Minami network has its digital token—the Minima coin. The Minima coin allows network users to transact with one another on the Minami ecosystem.

The Minima Protocol

The Minima network has a protocol that consists of four unique layers. These layers are committed to making the Minima a decentralized ecosystem.

    • Minima Layer is a blockchain layer for on-chain value transfer on-chain. It utilizes the peer-to-peer process and is an information tool between nodes. 
    • Maxima Layer is involved with information transfer off-chain over the Minima network. Information on this layer is point-to-point, which means that information can be sent to a specific connected peer.
    • Omnia Layer is characterized by value transfer off-chain. This layer is fast, economical, and facilitates reliable P2P transactions.
    • MiniDApps Layer: MiniDApps are decentralized web3 applications built on the Minima ecosystem. 

To learn more about Cerri’s vision to decentralize the blockchain network and also his thoughts towards blockchain technology, listen to Alex Kehaya’s interview with Paddy Cerri. The podcast is available for download via Apple, Spotify, and other major streaming platforms.

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