The Index Podcast
March 9, 2022

Digital Sovereignty and Decentralized Government with Julian Zawistowski

Digital Sovereignty and Decentralized Government with Julian Zawistowski

Every episode, host Alex Kehaya talks with thought leaders, educators, and decentralized builders, creating the next wave of the Internet. This show is brought to you by The Graph.

This week, Alex joins Julian Zawistowski, Director of Golem Foundation; they fund, develop, and promote projects that further advance the vision of Golem and find new promising use cases for its native token, GLM.

The foundation aims to give power back to the users by freeing them from dependency on online service providers, allowing them to interact with their data with tools of their choosing, and giving them control over code and underlying infrastructure.

Julian, who lives in Poland, talks about his country's cultural and economic ties with Ukraine and Poland's critical role during this humanitarian crisis.

The most recent update is that 1 million people in the last two weeks have come to Poland. I think that people have been very supportive, donating money and their time which is excellent. So, I encourage everyone to donate if they haven't done so yet.

Also, Alex and Julian take a deep dive into decentralized governance and Golem's latest endeavor Wildland, a new open protocol for data management, and how it protects users' privacy and digital sovereignty.

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