The Index Podcast
Aug. 25, 2021

Developer Innovation and the Rise of the Creator Economy with Zhen Cao

Developer Innovation and the Rise of the Creator Economy with Zhen Cao

This week, host Alex Kehaya interviews decentralized builders, creating the next wave of the Internet which is brought to you by The Graph.

In this episode, Alex joins Zhen Cao, a Partner at Republic, a startup investing platform. The platform powers the masses by allowing anyone to invest in private startups vetted by the investment team. 

We evaluate if the founders have the skills and vision to succeed? We look for dedication, diversity, location, charisma, experience, vision, track record, network, competence, long-term partner, and ability to execute, among other things.

​​Zhen cares deeply about crypto networks' fairness and empowering aspects and is passionate about how virtual worlds will impact our communication. She has extensive experience investing as a venture capitalist in the blockchain AR and VR industries and is excited to see how it will drive innovation in gaming.

Zhen Cao’s advice on digital investing and her insight on the future of Web3 are conversations you don’t want to miss.  We take a deep dive into NFTs, the rise of the creator economy, and how to build a culture of developer innovation.

Listen to Alex's full interview with Zhen Cao now. The episode is available for download via Apple, Spotify, and other major streaming platforms.

To explore the Republic and learn more about investing in the future you believe in, visit their website at Then, follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on the latest Web3 and technology news.