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Oct. 7, 2022

Advancing the Web3 Space With Chris Zhu, Co-founder of the Mirror World

Advancing the Web3 Space With Chris Zhu, Co-founder of the Mirror World

This week on The Index, brought to you by The Graph, host Alex Kehaya speaks with Chris Zhu, co-founder of Mirror World, a game matrix powered by a mobile SDK layer that advances web3 mobile development. He's also the VP of products for Rct AI and is renowned for launching the world's first interactive NFT mirror.  

Chris Zhu was also instrumental in building most of ByteDance’s products. He spent his days at Byte Dance Company creating investment strategies, drafting growth plans, and building their internal SA tool, which served over 5 million daily active users. 

Moreover, his blockchain journey kicked off at ByteDance, where he explored the world of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and gaming to help refine the efficiency of web3 products. The Recommendation Algorithm, for instance, is one of many products he and his team developed for TikTok and By Dance. 

Mirror World, All in One Web3 App

Launched in 2021, the Mirror World SDK is an exceptional all-in-one product built by various developers with Artificial intelligence backgrounds. At first, it was created as a multiverse of diverse games using blockchain technology and its backend. 

Fortunately, Zhu's background in building application layers at ByteDance afforded him the experience and expertise to create an AI project to propel user experience and build applications that meet users' expectations.

So far, the brand has developed products for IgG, Game Perfect World, and many more, along with adopting some core solutions like the Intelligent NFT.  These are a few Mirror World functionality. 

  • All-in-one Login & Authentication
  • Zero-Code Launch Your NFT
  • Easily Build Mobile NFT Market
  • Mobile In-App Wallet Integration

One of Mirror World's uniqueness is its ability to combine both the artificial algorithm and natural language processing that allows NFT holders to interact with their digital assets by displaying them on their profile picture, interacting with them, or performing different social activities with digitized assets. 

The project further solves one of the biggest puzzles in crypto applications—the huge gap between the experience of crypto adapts on mobile and  PC or web apps. Most technologies build their products focusing on web apps or extension development, affecting the onboarding experience for mobile users.

This reason gave Mirror World its objective to change the web3 status quo by improving the economic model, allowing web3 users to understand the space better and build mobile versions of web3 products for the right audience. 

To learn more about Mirror World's thoughts about the gaming space and the viewpoint of the web3 space from a seasoned professional, listen to Alex Kehaya’s interview with Chris Zhu. The podcast is available for download via Apple, Spotify, and other major streaming platforms.

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