The Index Podcast
April 20, 2022

Web3, the Power of DAOs and Transforming the Internet with Nik Kalyani

Web3, the Power of DAOs and Transforming the Internet with Nik Kalyani

This week on The Index Podcast, host Alex Kehaya speaks with Decentology Founder and CEO Nik Kalyani about the future of decentralized apps and the effort of his company to make Web3 app development easier for Web2 JavaScript developers.

"There's the whole paradigm shift. If you're coming from a traditional programming world, whether it's JavaScript or C# or Java or whatever ... Adjusting to the mental model of having your code cost money, optimizing for security, immutable code. These are all concepts that are not easy to understand. I felt like there could be a simpler path for it, and that was the Genesis of Decentology"

The Decentology team first built a code generation platform called DappStarter. The project later evolved into a new platform called Hyperverse, which is enroute to becoming a decentralized marketplace of composable smart contracts. Nik describes the importance of composability because it allows developers can build apps at scale. 

Currently, Decentology is working on building this library of Smart Modules with a focus on four main categories: vertical marketplaces within an application (NFTs), creating base fungible tokens (DeFis), gaming modules with tools to create a play-to-earn experience (GameFi), and tools DAQs can use in multiple configurations for their purpose.

While Hyperverse currently supports Flow, Ethereum, Metis, Avalanche, Polygon, and Algorand, it hopes to soon support every major blockchain with a developer ecosystem. Gradually transitioning to a DAQ, Decentology hopes to be fully decentralized by the end of this year. 

The most exciting part of the Hyperverse is that the future remains undetermined and will be actively shaped by participants. Nik puts out a call to join the development of the Hypersverse, and there are even training and job opportunities on Decentology's website.

Our call to action is, if you are a smart module developer, come to our community and Discord. Let us know about you, and we'll work with you to give you a bounty to start building this out. It is very early days, and this is where you can help shape the future of the Hyperverse.

To learn more about Decentology, the evolution of Hyperverse, and how you could get involved in the development, listen to Alex Kehaya's full interview with Nik Kalyani. The podcast is available for download via Apple, Spotify, and other major streaming platforms.

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