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Dec. 15, 2023

S4E23 Holiday Blues and Hollywood News

S4E23 Holiday Blues and Hollywood News

In this episode of "The First Shot Morning Show" with Tori and Stephanie, the holiday season is in full swing, but Stephanie is feeling the holiday blues. The ladies kick things off by discussing the intriguing "Orange Peel Test" and how it can reveal a lot about a partner's personality in a relationship. From golden retriever energy to laid-back chill, they dissect the reactions to this simple task. Afterward, they dive into the latest pop culture buzz in their segment called "What's Roasting." Taylor Swift's 34th birthday celebration makes headlines as she hosts a star-studded dinner in New York City, including celebrity pals like Gigi Hadid, Blake Lively, and more. Taylor Lautner also opens up about his friendship with Taylor Swift on Alex Cooper's podcast, shedding light on their history and recent rekindling. But that's not all; the show takes a turn to young love with Selena Gomez going Instagram official with producer Benny Blanco. Olivia Rodrigo and Louis Partridge are caught in a PDA-filled moment, confirming their blossoming romance. Plus, the Kardashians' eldest daughter, North West, unveils her rap persona during a listening party, showing she's got some musical talent up her sleeve. And speaking of music, Nicki Minaj makes a stand against someone in the industry. Tune in to find out who's in her crosshairs. The episode wraps up with a look into Elon Musk's latest venture – setting up a STEM-focused primary and secondary school in Austin, Texas, with plans to expand into a university dedicated to education at the highest levels. Join Tori and Stephanie for your daily dose of entertainment and stay perky with "The First Shot Morning Show" every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Follow them on social media at "The First Shot Morning Show."