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The First Shot Morning Show

Stephanie is a recognized broadcast veteran and Tori is a newbie modern voice. Together they are bringing their unsolicited opinions and sarcastic perspectives on today while they sip their espresso in the morning.

Tori; part co-host and part overachiever, is a millennial with an innovative perspective on media and current culture. She has a background in marketing and performing arts, so she knows how to tell stories that people want to hear. She will even divulge into the stories of her own life people probably shouldn’t hear at all.

Stephanie is an award-winning broadcaster who has been creating and producing radio for over 25 years. Her expertise includes interviewing all walks of life from celebrities, politicians, athletes and authors. She knows how to break down the news of the day into a digestible format for listeners with insight and opinions on just about anything.

Get ready to not take them too seriously, obsess over the chaos of life, and laugh a lot when you wake up with The First Shot.

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Recent Episodes

Dec. 22, 2023

S4E26 What the 2024

The Happy medium Susan is in the studio with us for the final episode of the year and we do a recap of what the hell was 2023 and what can we expect in 2024 #tfs #toriandstephanie #thehappymedium
Dec. 20, 2023

S4E25 Celeb Confessions, Royal Auctions, and Sitcom Triumphs

On "The First Shot Morning Show, "The ladies are coming in hot with relationship facts...it's too soon to meet the fam for a boyfriend, not a boyfriend. Stephanie is packing up and heading to NYC on Friday to escape her fami…
Dec. 18, 2023

S4E24 Horoscope, Cookie Cravings, and Celebrity Scoop

Get ready to kickstart your week with a jolt of energy and excitement on "The First Shot Morning Show" with your lively hosts, Tori and Stephanie! Every Monday, we unveil the secrets of your week with in-depth horoscope pred…
Dec. 15, 2023

S4E23 Holiday Blues and Hollywood News

In this episode of "The First Shot Morning Show" with Tori and Stephanie, the holiday season is in full swing, but Stephanie is feeling the holiday blues. The ladies kick things off by discussing the intriguing "Orange Peel …
Dec. 8, 2023

S4E22 Love, Laughter, and Instagram Mishaps

In today's episode, the dynamic duo kicks things off with a discussion about the surprising statistic that 60% of men are opting to stay single. Are there hidden reasons behind this trend? Join Tori and Stephanie as they del…
Dec. 6, 2023

S4E21 Taylor is the Season

We are here and working in December look at us go- Taylor is Time magazine's person of the year and if you listen to us you know we are not shocked! "What's Roasting" with exciting news about Ashanti and Nelly expecting t…