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Dec. 4, 2023

S4E18 The Right Dress

S4E18 The Right Dress

"What's Roasting" on the First Shot Morning Show with Tori and Stephanie, the hosts discussed various pop culture stories. They started with the news that Kelly Clarkson's ex, Brandon Blackstock, has been ordered to pay her back millions in booking fees. The California labor commissioner ruled that Brandon overcharged Kelly when he represented her as her manager, especially for gigs like "The Voice," Norwegian Cruise Line, Wayfair, and the Billboard Music Awards. The ruling mandates him to fork over $2,641,374 in commissions, with an interesting fact that he earned significantly more from "The Voice" than the Billboard Music Awards. Brandon plans to appeal the ruling.

Next, the hosts covered Travis Barker's son Landon's surprising confession about his lack of involvement with his baby brother, Rocky. Landon had previously expressed a preference for a little sister and admitted to not having held his new brother or helped with diaper changes. He walked back on his earlier comments but still expressed his initial wish for a little girl. Landon emphasized that it's not a competition but acknowledged the arrival of another boy in the family.

Kourtney Kardashian made headlines by promoting the benefits of ingesting her encapsulated placenta for postpartum recovery. She shared a photo of the supplements on her Instagram and highlighted their potential benefits, including higher energy levels, hormone balance, increased milk supply, decreased postpartum depression risk, and faster baby weight loss.

In the world of music, Kelsea Ballerini opened up about her intimate life with boyfriend Chase Stokes on the Call Her Daddy podcast. She jokingly urged her mom to turn off the podcast before discussing her sex life, revealing that intimacy is now more about emotional connection than performance for her.

Lastly, Jana Kramer is set to star in Lifetime's A Cowboy Christmas Romance, a holiday film featuring sex scenes, marking a first for the network. Jana plays Lexie, a real estate agent who returns to her small Arizona town to close on a ranch owned by Coby Mason, with whom she unexpectedly falls in love. The movie pushes the boundaries of Lifetime's content while keeping it family-friendly.

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