The Dungeons, Dragons, & Psychology Podcast

The Dungeons, Dragons, & Psychology Podcast

The Dungeons, Dragons, & Psychology Podcast is a TTRPG podcast that helps collaborative storytellers build great campaigns using psychology. Each episode dives into different aspects of tabletop roleplaying games, and offers listeners (psyclithids) tricks of the trade for how to improve their own games. Your host, Robert Walker, is a longtime DM and student of psychology and is the author of "Session Zero: The DMG to Writing Great Campaigns in any System."

Recent Episodes

The Psychology of Character Death

Sept. 11, 2023

Join me for an in depth look at the psychology of character death and why you should embrace it for more immersive storytelling. Support the show

The Dice as Narrators

Sept. 3, 2023

Episode Details & Links In this story I discuss how to use the dice as tools of the narrative. Tricks of the Trade Information & Links For tricks I give a couple of ideas for how to use critical successes and failures a bit …

10 Tips to Quickly Improve your Storytelling

Aug. 27, 2023

Episode Details & Links On today's quickfire episode I give you my list of ten things that DMs can do to quickly improve their storytelling. Storytelling is the heart of an immersive and memorable campaign and improving our …

How Stats can Foster Player Cooperation

Aug. 20, 2023

Continuing our looking back to season 1 favorites listen to this great episode with me and my gaming friends about how player stats can help foster cooperation around the table. Support the show

Why We Should Play Characters Who Don't Represent Us

Aug. 13, 2023

Take a look back at this episode from season 1 that discusses why we can and should play characters who don't represent us in real life. Support the show

Core Assumptions of the Game: Embrace or Ignore?

Aug. 6, 2023

Episode Details & Links Today we debate whether core assumptions of the game, such as stat generation methods, character wealth by level, and party size should be embraced or ignored. Tricks of the Trade Information & Links …