The Dungeons, Dragons, & Psychology Podcast

The Dungeons, Dragons, & Psychology Podcast

The Dungeons, Dragons, & Psychology Podcast is a TTRPG podcast that helps collaborative storytellers build great campaigns using psychology. Each episode dives into different aspects of tabletop roleplaying games, and offers listeners (psyclithids) tricks of the trade for how to improve their own games. Your host, Robert Walker, is a longtime DM and student of psychology and is the author of "Session Zero: The DMG to Writing Great Campaigns in any System."


Recent Episodes

June 17, 2024

Survival of the Fittest: Leveling up as Ranger

Text us, Psyclithids In today's episode, Robert Walker, author of Session Zero: The DMG to Writing Great Campaigns in Any System , explores the multifaceted nature of Rangers and how to level up in real life by mirroring the…
June 10, 2024

Champion of Balance: Leveling Up as a Druid

Text us, Psyclithids This episode explores the wisdom and empathy of Druids, translating their magic into actionable steps to protect the environment in our everyday lives. Download YOUR Character Sheet Key Takeaways: The Dr…
May 20, 2024

Expand your Mind: Leveling Up as a Wizard

Text us, Psyclithids Ever dreamed of wielding magic like a true Wizard? In this episode of Dungeons, Dragons, & Psychology, we delve into the minds of these intellectual powerhouses and explore how to cultivate the skills an…
May 7, 2024

Jack of All Trades: Leveling Up as a Rogue

Text us, Psyclithids In this episode, we explore the concept of the 'rogue spirit' emphasizing independent thinking, resourcefulness, and problem-solving as key traits that can be developed in real life. Drawing parallels be…
May 7, 2024

Achieving Flow State in RPGs

Text us, Psyclithids This week we delve into the coveted flow state! Feeling completely absorbed, energized, and enjoying the game to the fullest – that's the magic of flow. But how can you, the Dungeon Master, create an env…
April 30, 2024

Meta-Gaming: Friend or Foe?

Do you ever feel the urge to use your player knowledge to give your character an unfair advantage? Is meta-gaming the arch-nemesis of immersive storytelling, or can it be wielded for good? This episode dives deep into the ps…