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Jollywood Nignts episode

I love the endings to your shows where you give random things to do across the country. I won’t be attending the Black Hills Dance festival but I live in Rapid City, SD and it warms my heart to hear those things. BTW it’s a 45 minute drive for that 5 cent cup of coffee in Wall Drug from Rapid City. I would suggest you have that coffee with a chocolate cake donut. Well worth the drive then.

Loving the background sounds

While I came to this show for Jim and Len ’s wonderful stories, I stayed for the background noise. Whether it’s a cat fight in an alley, a lost doordasher asking for directions, or someone listening to a home video of Tucson High Schools class of 1989’s theater production of Young Frankenstein, every show is a delight and I look forward to them every week. What a wonderful show!

Love this show!

I found the Disney Dish podcast about a year ago and just love how Jim and Len combine a love for theme parks with a love for data. (Be still my heart!) I haven't missed an episode since I started listening! I just finished the episode about why Hong Kong Disneyland doesn't have a Peter Pan Flight ride (ep 448) - which was great - and would love to hear more stories about Hong Kong Disneyland. It's a beautiful park with a unique history but it often gets overlooked by its larger sister parks around the world. Thanks for the great show!

Ehhhh you know….

Listen for great discourse that includes many “ehhh you know”

Interesting and Fun!

This podcast makes my Monday commute so much more fun. I enjoy the news, stories, and particularly, the reports on new patents. This isn’t a “how to plan your WDW trip” podcast (altho you can do no better than planning with Touring Plans and the Unofficial Touring Guide)—it’s insightful commentary, humor, and good storytelling.

Years long listener, first time rater

This is my favorite podcast series. From the Disney news to animation to Marvel to Lucas, each topic is covered with fun and knowledge by Jim Hill and company. This is a very talented group. I encourage any fan of the above to give it a listen.

Lovely Guest Josh Gad

Such a treat to get some of Josh Gas’s views on Disney projects!! I love him in everything he’s in. Of course I miss Len, would love to get all 3 in one podcast in the future.


So informative and fun.

Schmursday FTW!

My wife and I look forward to the Disney Dish each week. Jim and Len are helpful, interesting, and most of all, entertaining. We never miss a show. Keep up the great work!

Thanks for the show

Love the mix of data, history and humor on the show. Thank you so much for it.

Best of the Disney World Podcasts

Len Testa and Jim Hill provide fascinating details surrounding Disney World and its history. They have a great deal of insider information and excellent tips and reviews. This is my favorite of the WDW podcasts.

Love it!

Not many people can say a highlight of the week is the commute to work Monday morning. Mine is, thanks to Len and Jim!


An amazing intersection of obsession, cynicism, and Goofy!

Best Disney history & insight

Love Len & Jim! They complement each other, each having deep knowledge in different areas. I look forward to hearing their perspective, insight & predictions about the happiest places on earth.

The outright preeminent show for the complete Disney enthusiast.

This show has it all when it comes to Disney, news, surveys, laughter, the inside story, accurate predictions, history and the two best hosts anyone could ask for. I always look forward to each show as a bright spot for my drive time. DanandFam

Disney Fan? You Need To Listen!

I love listening to podcasts about Disney- so much so that I can’t always keep up. I make sure to keep up with this one! Jim and Len provide great information about what’s happening at the Disney theme parks and The Walt Disney Company in general for the first half of the show, and the second half of the show does deep dives into the history of the parks and resorts and the attractions found there. Jim and Len have a great rapport; the shows feel less like a scripted show and more like a conversation between to guys who really, REALLY know what’s happening behind the scenes. Give it a listen!

Monday Morning Ritual

Well no, that’s it exactly. Fair enough.

The gold standard of Disney podcasts

Great content, great personalities, great show

Love the surveys!

Current favorite Disney podcast! Love the surveys and history

Great Podcast

Forgot the Epcots 40th on your 2022 Recap.


Jim and Len really are the cream of the crop for Disney news and commentary. Their discussions are insightful and thoughtful in addition to being well researched/prepared. I look forward to the pod every Schmursday!

Top Shelf

There is an increasing number of really awful Disnsy podcasts out there… Thanks for being Club Level. You two bring the Disney goods every week and do it with both humor and integrity.

Their voices draw you in, their content keeps you there

I love both Jim and Len's voices! So lovely! Jim knows the history and the current state of Disney, Len knows the numbers. It is a fantastic combination. Happy Schmursday Gentlemen! Looking forward to many more podcast epirsodes! Truly, Tracy

Disney Parks news and much more

Disney insiders Len and Jim do a great job discussing the latest Disney parks news, surveys, rumors, and history. Entertaining presentation along with informative and honest content mixed with clever jokes. A must listen for Parks fans.

A Weekly Must for WDWatchers

The Disney Dish is an absolute must for Disney news junkies and history aficionados. The hosts are incredibly knowledgeable and they are appropriately critical — neither delusional in their optimism nor exhausting in their pessimism. They share historical facts and current insights that I don’t read /hear anywhere else. (Check out the recent episode on the leadership change at the company to see what I mean.) Finally, they really seem to like their jobs — and listeners.

Best way to go to Disney Parks with out leaving home

The Disney Dish with Jim Hill and Len Testa is THE best Disney podcasts available!! It’s not worth your time looking for another!! Len’s positivity is amazing paired with Jim Hill’s knowledge is a 1-2 punch that will knock you straight to Orlando and/or Anaheim!! True Story!! It’s an every shmursday must listen!!

THE best Disney podcast!

I always enjoy each episode of this podcast! I love the inside scoop and the news and discussions of all things Disney. The banter between Jim and Len is always entertaining. The jokes are funny and stories are fascinating! I appreciate the work they do to prepare for these shows and their honest opinions. I’ve listened weekly since the beginning. It is always a highlight of my day!

400 Episodes! Wow!

Congratulations to Len and Jim on the 400th episode of the Disney Dish, fabulously produced by Aaron Adams! I look forward to listening to the podcast each week for what I call “Disney Dish diversion during drudgery or driving.” Your show is very entertaining and informative, and I’m pretty sure I’ve listened to them all on Bandcamp. Please organize a Disney Dish Live group excursion to Tokyo someday! Thanks for everything! -Jean from Annapolis (aka zozmd)

Equal entertainment for my 7 y.o. and me!

My son and I are big fans of the Disney Dish and this is the only podcast he will listen to, let alone ask for specifically. For my History minor heart, I love the research and care that Jim brings to each week’s topic. For my son, he loves anytime that Len talks numbers (future statistician maybe?). For both of us— it’s the jokes! We even started from the beginning to hear and learn more. Jim and Len bring critical analysis to such a mammoth of a brand, but still make each week’s listen so much fun for both of us. I can’t say he’s the youngest fan but I can say Reaves G. is the most avid seven-year-old listener of the Disney Dish, and he is anxiously awaiting for the 400th episode release. Thanks for giving us something special to share every week!

Turn Chrissy up to 11

I platonically love Len and Jim, but absolutely adore Chrissy. If the pod were a rock ballad, I’d scream from the cheap seats, “NEEDS MORE CHRISSY”.