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The Top Disney Podcast

I'm really impressed by how the volume and quality of episodes that Len and Jim put out every month. They have a great chemistry on The Disney Dish while talking about both the latest news and Disney history. The show moves quickly and remains engaging on a wide range of topics. If you're a fan of …

My favorite podcast!

The infamous Sunday Scaries (or is it now Shmursday Scaries?!) are much easier to manage knowing I’ll be able to escape reality with a new episode of The Disney Dish. Len and Jim are incomparable, and every episode is highly entertaining. Bravo!

Love love love your podcast

Len and Jim, you both do a fabulous job. I have binge listening to your podcast on my staycation. It's so informative and interesting and fun. Your personalities shine through. Story ideas: I am dying to know the history about the giant ride buildings hiding in plain view at the parks. Which ride b…

So entertaining!

This is the Disney Podcast I never knew I needed! How awesome to find podcasters who are as geeked out by Disney magic as I am. Going back to listen to the saved episodes and enjoying each one! Thank you!

All the Beat Information

Great podcast! Not only is it very entertaining, but it is full of the best information. Touring Plans is also a must use website. Must listen for any Disney fan or first-time Disney visitors.

The best

Could literally listen to these guys read the phone book. If there were phone books anymore. Really nice to fans they meet in the parks.

Disney Edutainment

These guys know their stuff and they seem to have a lot of fun sharing it. I look forward to every episode and always walk away with new knowledge and a couple of laughs.

Best Podcast Ever!

This is my best source of Disney news and history. I love Jim and Len both and they are so easy to listen to. This podcast keeps me up to date and well informed on all the important news from Disney. I have learned so much about the history from Jim and the park info from Len! I look forward to the…

Love it! I have a suggestion....

Great Podcast! Always look forward to the next episode! The Monster Sound attraction (which I got to do as a kid) history got me jonesing for more MGM attraction lets have a History of Superstar Television! Another attraction I got to do, my sister and I were Gilligan and the Skipper …

Great podcast

Your most recent show about the history of the Mr Toad ride was your best ever. I truly hope Jim follows through with talking about Disneyland Paris Toad Hall. Would love to hear a show on Disneyland ride vehicle collectibles and auction results, like you did with the Toad Devils props.

Just the best

I listen to a lot of podcasts— no judgment— but this is the best. A balance of humor, history and serious insight into what Disney is looking to do. Very enjoyable and just well done.

Thanks for the info...

Len and Jim. Thank you both for the conversation. The information on possible safety precautions the Orlando theme parks might implement as they work towards opening is interesting and beneficial to my family.


Every word spoken on this show is a like golden drop of honey. Jim and Len dish out plenty of savory and sweet nibbles about Disney history, resorts, parks, attractions and more. Entertaining, educational, and beyond enjoyable.

One of the best podcasts out there!

Two of the greats in Disney knowledge. You can’t not learn something every time!

One of the best Disney podcasts!

I always enjoy each episode of this podcast! I love the inside scoop and the news and discussions of all things Disney. Len and Jim have a great style to tell stories and news and the insider information. I’m always happy when there is a new episode!

Good Disney news

Enjoy hearing the info on Disney. I would like to hear more specifically about Disneyland and not Disneyworld, but still enjoy most episodes.

Fun listen with great info

Look forward to Len and Jim each week-great insider info, honest opinions, excellent topics. Keep it up fellas

One of my favorite Disney Podcasts

I look forward to each new episode!


Great informative podcast!!! I wish it was weekly.


Both hosts are so knowledgeable and give great and accurate information consistently and in an entertaining way!

Great stuff for any Disney fan

As a fan of the Disney parks, but also of the history of the Disney company as a whole, I look forward every week to a new installment of this podcast! (In fact, it’s one of the few things I look forward to Mondays for.) Keep up the great work!

Love this show

Lots of info and it’s very interesting

Disney Fun

Witty and fun. I look forward to listening each week!

Absolutely Great!

If you are a Disney fan (especially a Disney World fan) this is one of the best podcasts out there. Both Len and Jim know are tremendous amount of information (current and historical, and future!). On top of that they work really well together. Even though their interplay is seamless and fantastic,…

A must-listen!

If you are a Disney fan and want to stay in the loop, Jim and Len are a must-listen every Monday. I love their report and all the insider knowledge they have on events both current and historic. I hope they keep releasing episodes for years to come!

John Knowles

Love this show. I’m a DisNerd and the behind the scenes stuff and predictions keep me going between visits. Thanks fellas!

Two entertaining guys

Enjoyable and entertaining Disney news and bits of history plus their personal experiences.

A must listen!!

I’ve listened to many podcasts and this is the best. I used to like WDW Today when Len was part of that cast, but they all transitions off that show (don’t bother with that new crew of that podcast). If you liked WDW today, you’ll love this show. I’m partial to Len and love his data driven thinking…

A fun listen

Nice blend of current news and history.

Informative and exciting!

I love this podcast so much. Both hosts are really informed on the subject and their passion brings so much joy to the topics.

So good!

Gossiping with Disney insiders and digging into hard numbers, this podcast is amazing. Jim and Len are fun to listen to, entertaining, and trustworthy. A must listen for any Disney fan.

So much news!

Great stories and enjoyable banter.

A great listen

The most important part of any podcast for me is the voices of the hosts. And your Podcasts passes with flying colors. The second item of importance is obviously content. And again, Disney Dish will not disappoint.

The best Disney podcast

Love Jim and Len. Informative, fun, and entertaining. Keeps the Disney magic going.

The Best

I enjoy many Disney podcasts, but Len and Jim's was the first and still the best authority out there. Definitely recommend.

Best Podcast

Had been looking for new podasts. This is literally the best Disney podcast.

Very Informative

There are a few podcasts that I can’t wait for the next episode to be released. This is one of them. Jim and Len are full of great information. If you’re a Disney nerd like me and want to be in the know than this is the podcast for you!

Love it for my Disney fix

Lots of great detailed info and reviews, with lots of humor.'s my genius idea for Disney. A way to double ride capacity! Have a walk thru line for thrill attractions for people who want to see the theming and the inside of a ride, but don't want to actually have to go on the ride. Or whe…

Len and Jim are the best

Without a doubt my favorite Disney podcast. Jim and Len are a pleasure to listen to each week. Each episode feels like getting a visit from old friends...who are also huge Disney nerds like my wife and me.

Just wow

Not only current things happening but a rich and carefully verified sharing of Disney history. I’m so loving this show! Thank you both for your work! And as a data geek, Also loving to hear from Len!

Long Overdue

Hi Jim and Len, Living on the west coast and being a Disneyland Resort annual pass holder I have always been curious why Disneyland’s Tomorrowland never is slotted to receive the long overdue redo or at least some type of update it so desperately is in need of? With Galaxies Edge opening this summe…

Wealth of Information

I love how informative this podcast is on both Disney history, and Disney parks. Jim brings the history knowledge, and Len is an expert on vacationing to the parks (Touring Plans). I’ve been listening to them for several years, and hope they continue to bring us this quality podcast.

National Treasures

Been listening for a couple of years. Jim and Len are national treasures. Excellent insight, quick wit and humor, make it a top tier WDW podcast


I have, over the years, developed an almost unhealthy obsession with the disney parks and movies. The house of mouse now consists of every single thing I have loved as a child and now as an adult. Star Wars...check! Marvel...check! Classic movies...check! I discoverd Jim Hill and Len Testa wh…


These are some of the best, most knowledgeable guys around when it comes to discussing the parks. But Len and Jim, a 9 minute episode does not “a new edition of the Disney Dish podcast” make. There’s Youtube ads longer than your episode. Why not save all your around the parks discussion into one ep…


Also, Jim. He’s awesome too.

Love these guys

Len and Jim are so entertaining and always have the inside scoop on what’s happening at Disney, which is a good complement to other Disney podcasts that tend to be more about trip planning and tips. For an upcoming episode, I would love to know what is happening with paid fast passes now that the c…

Best Disney Podcast, Period.

There’s an old saying along the lines of “As goes Rome, so goes the world”. These days, in entertainment, that should be updated to “As goes Disney, so goes the rest of the industry.” They are the absolute top dog across movies, theme parks, and merchandising, and Jim Hill and Len Testa are the abs…

The Best!

This is absolutely the BEST podcast for those that are DEEP into the Disney fan community! The knowledge of Len and Jim combine for great entertainment, and education about all things Disney theme parks (and some other stuff too)!

Entertaining and informative!

Jim Hill and Len Testa have some great chemistry and some incrediblely deep knowledge about the Walt Disney Company and the theme park industry in general. Two great minds coming together like this is really a pleasure to listen to. This podcast is a must listen in my opinion for fans of Disney the…

My favorite podcast!

I just love listening to this podcast! The Disney history is so interesting, love the news and rumors, just a great podcast! Thanks Len and Jim!!

5 star Disney podcast

I have listened to several Disney podcasts for years and this one ranks up there at the top. Len and Jim are very informative and entertaining. I look forward to each new show. Highly recommend!

The Best Most Informative Disney Podcast Of Them All

The only problem with this podcast is that Jim & Len don't record it MORE often! Not only do we get the latest and most up-to-date Disney news but we also get in-depth analysis of the whys and hows. Jim & Len pull back the layers to not only explain the changes happening at Disney but also why the…


My absolute favorite podcast! Both Jim and Len’s theme park knowledge plays fabulously with each other. They have a great chemistry that makes the show both funny and interesting. I also learn something new every show that I can tell my friends! Lol! Thanks for the wonderful podcast!

Terrific podcast; Len is always great

Pros: fantastic content - Disney history, current events and analysis, and what is (or may be) coming to the parks in the future. Jim is - obviously - a wealth of Disney information. He has stories and anecdotes that most of us would love to have experienced first-hand. And he seems like a reall…

Len and Jim are the best!

Disney history and news done in a professional and fun way!

We Want More !!

Hands down the BEST Disney insider info out there. I could listen to Jim & Len all day. They bring you Disney history as welll as nuggets of future Disney happenings. If I had 1 negative....I wish the podcasts were longer !! A++