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Just a poor kid from Morrow, OH with nothing going for him...

Then that kid got older, made some awful mistakes and life kept kicking him down further and further, to the final denouement of his father being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

Then that grown man turns to the bottle for years, putting his family on his back; going broke without letting anyone know to support his disheveled family. Little did anyone know that, not only was his father dying, but his mother's last living relative and best friend had congential heart failure and was dying as well. When, his aunt Dobbs got this diagnosis and news, it left his mother despondent. He had to become the patriarch of the family and everything had changed.

As if it were the last nail in his coffin, he quickly gains almost 200 pounds from drinking 1/5th of liquor a day, and eating anything to end his life sooner. This behavior quickly made him suicidal. With whatever strength he had left, he cries out and makes a pact with god and the universe; and pleas for mercy, "God, if he goes, I will go with him. If he doesn't though, I will turn my life around I swear to you".

Then, with <5% chance of survival, his father makes it through, he gets his first clean scan in over 2 years....

Then, this poor kid from Morrow, OH woke the fuck up. Got sober, hit the gym twice a day every day for more than 1,000 days now. Lost 130 pounds, quintupled my net worth twice, tripled my income, and found love and peace somehow.

Now, I am just working on becoming the version of myself I promised to the universe and god. I am keeping up my end of the bargain we struck <3

Nov. 25, 2023

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