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Corey Wright


Corey is a lifelong entrepreneur. He launched his first business in college, nearly 20 years ago and has launched, scaled, and sold more than a half dozen businesses since. At the age of 25, he became a part-time MBA professor at PLNU in San Diego. In 2019 Corey transitioned into executive leadership team coaching and helped scale more than 20 businesses in a short span. In 2021 Corey was called back into the entrepreneur world to launch Hexagon Studios, a web3 gaming studio. Their first title Honeyland is in major app stores and is the top mobile game on Solana. Corey is located in Southern California.

Jan. 1, 2024

Crypto Podcast - A strategy Game called Honeyland - Corey Wright (#63)

Corey Wright is CEO and Co-Founder of Honeyland a casual strategy game where players lead swarms to bees to gather rewards, increase their swarm, battle other players all to amass the ultimate Honey ($HXD) stash for their hiv...

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