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Leadership At It's Best
This is a fantastic podcast, and a superb host leading the conversations. Very grateful this podcast was relaunched!

Rear Admiral Hall is a great and experienced leader. This podcast is excellent. It is not only interesting, it’s very informative for anyone who wishes to improve his or her leadership.

Great podcast, worth you time
Must listen podcast! This podcast is both informative and inspiring, with lots of nuggets of wisdom and advice. Rear Adm Hall’s resume is unquestioned, but this show looks at small, daily issues, in addition to discussing the big, global concerns. Very much a worthwhile listen.

Most efficient Podcast Ever!
I have listened to every one of these podcasts, and each is an improvement over the last. Taken as a "body of work", it exemplifies the Admiral's committment to follow-through on promises made, while wasting very little of his followers' precious time. Keep it up, Admiral, and give my regards to the Boss.

Everyone has 2 Ears and 1 mouth, but everyone needs a 2 Star Admiral!
I meet Admiral Garry Hall at a point in my life when I could have gone in any direction. Admiral Hall took my drive and dedication to help my fellow Veterans and Service Members and helped me become the leader I am today. It’s safe to say that without the help of Admiral Hall, success would have potentially been a reality for my someday, but because of his belief in me and guidance I am happy to venturing off to run my own business and foundation in the next few months. I encourage the listeners to “lock it up” and listen. God gave you each 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason, this allows you to take in twice as much as you provide. Admiral Hall will inspire you into a path of leadership as long as you pay close attention.