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The Activity Continues

The Activity Continues

The Activity Continues is a podcast where three soul friends talk about all things paranormal. Ghosts, hauntings, psychics, movies and TV shows (especially The Dead Files) and other spooky and spooky-adjacent things as well.

We also like to interview people in the paranormal community as well as past Dead Files clients and other interesting people.

Sometimes we even tell your stories.

So, grab your beverage of choice and join us where… The Activity Continues.

Recent Episodes

April 21, 2024

Internal Upgrades: BONUS

Pleasantly Surprised
April 18, 2024

Internal Upgrades with Leah Marie

Interview with Leah, the Shaman we previously interviewed in episode 77: Interview with a Shaman.
April 11, 2024

Ghosts Gone Wild: New Orleans

Spring Break 2024 #6
April 4, 2024

Ghosts Gone Wild: The Everglades

Spring Break 2024 #5
March 28, 2024

Ghost Gone Wild: Waipahu

Spring Break 2024 #4
March 21, 2024

Ghosts Gone Wild: Discovery Bay

Spring Break 2024 #3

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Episode 108: Internal Upgrades Extras

Episode 108: Internal Upgrades with Leah Marie Here are some photos that Leah has graciously permitted us to share with you. If you want permission to use these, please email her   Ubud Bali jungle view   Ubud Bali private tem…

Episode 108: Internal Upgrades Show Notes

Episode 108: Internal Upgrades with Leah Marie This week we sat down with Leah Marie Evenstar. She told us all about her recent trip to London, Bali, Thailand, and Viet Nam. It is such an inspirational trip and she’s passed that onto us, alon…

Episode 108: Internal Upgrades Transcript

Episode 109 Transcript is too long to be allowed on the blog. Please see: Our Drive for download

About the Hosts

AmyProfile Photo


Creator, Producer, and Host

I am the owner of Collected Sounds Media, LLC. Which is the company behind the Collected Sounds Podcast Network. I produce all the podcasts in the network and am available to produce yours as well!
I love all things true crime, and paranormal as well as anything animal/pet related. I have a bunch of dogs and a skeptic husband as well.

MeganProfile Photo


Hilarity-maker, co-Host

Hi!! I’m Megan. A late 30s true crime addict and paranormal geek. Working woman by day, podcaster by night, and mom always. When not listening to podcasts or watching The Dead Files, I can be found crafting or mom-ing. I love making new friends so let’s be friends!!!

AP (Amy P)Profile Photo

AP (Amy P)

Fact-Checker, co-host

Long time listener, first time podcaster! You might be wondering how I got here...well - I love learning new things and having those catalogued in my brain to pull out at any given time. If I don't know the answer and it piques my interest, I have to find the answer! I find the world of paranormal fascinating and all things true crime intriguing - they fall into those categories of "piqued my interest". That love of knowledge finally has a use! I also love spending time with my family, my dogs (well any dog), in the outdoors, trying my hand at trivia and more.