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Stories That Inspire Us with Tenya Eickenberg - 05.12.23

Stories That Inspire Us welcomed to today’s podcast, Friday, May 12, 2023, Tenya Eickenberg. Tenya is a certified life and self-care coach whose passion is to help women release their emotional baggage and direct their energies toward efforts to heal and regain strength, freedom, and happiness. Her unique approach to energy healing is an alternative method that deviates from conventional medicine or talk therapy and instead encourages individuals to nurture positive energy for healing to take place.

Tenya took an active part in her decision to enter this profession. She shared the backdrop of her story which stemmed from her long-term fight against depression and anxiety, which made her look for other ways of healing apart from the traditional treatment methods. She discovered that energy healing is an effective technique for regaining one’s health after realizing that it brought about positive changes that medication and therapy could not achieve. Energy healing is widely used and recommended as a reliable healing method of releasing tension and getting oneself back to a more positive and fulfilling life.

We also discussed the benefits of self-care. Tenya started her self-care practice about 9 months into her certification journey. At that point, Tenya stated that she was about 80% healed and with her implementation of self-care: meditation, journaling and creating boundaries, she is now 100% healed! While this indeed is significant, Tenya stated that there are of course those moments when sadness, anxiety creep-in; however, she now has the tools to guide her through.

Today’s broadcast was also simulcasted through the Wisdom Audio App and Dr. Robert James Goodman joined us on today’s discussion. Thank you Dr. Goodman!

Tenya is one of those kind souls whose mission it is to teach women that healing is possible if they follow the right method, especially when they have the right information, dedication, and consistency required to realize gradual changes. She guides and trains women that adopting deliberate self-care techniques along with energy alignment can help them overcome anxiety and depression. According to her, one must first have a strong intent to heal, because without it healing will be delayed. This is the right approach to this kind of healing process because every achievement begins with a personal decision to succeed.

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Thank you Tenya - “Truly” these are the Stories That Inspire Us!!