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April 13, 2024

Stories That Inspire Us / The Author Series with Audrey Birnbaum - 04.09.24

Stories That Inspire Us / The Author Series with Audrey Birnbaum - 04.09.24

Stories That Inspire Us / The Author Series, welcomed to the podcast on Tuesday, April 9, 2024 (Episode #137), Dr. Audrey Birnbaum.  Audrey is the Author of the\ book:  American Wolf: From Nazi Refugee to American Spy, a true story of her father, Jack Wolf Schwersenz, his family's nail-biting escape from Germany, and his subsequent adventure-filled efforts to embrace his adopted home.  

As soon as I started reading Audrey’s book, I was mesmerized and immersed in a time that I’ve only read about in history books.  Imagine this - you lose your Dad and years later you stumble upon your Dad’s notebook that he had written about his adventures as an 11-year old growing up amidst the rubble and antisemitism of war-torn Nazi Berlin.

Destitute and facing deportation, he must leave behind his sister and travel across a continent entrenched in war. With nothing in hand but expired visas to the US, Wolf and his family must figure out how to sneak aboard the Spanish freighter the Navemar, a ship that will gain its reputation as the "Hell Ship of Death." But Wolf's odyssey is just beginning.

An electrifying true account brimming with last-minute rescues and life-and death struggles that defy the impossible. This gripping narrative is not just a tale of survival, but a profound coming of age story, delving into the complexities of family dynamics and the search for national identity. 

In my opinion, once you pick up her book to start reading it, you won’t be able to put it down!  From narrowing escapes, no instructional manuals and banana splits, this will have you on the edge of your seat!  

Her voice tells his story . . . you must read her book!

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Thank you Audrey - “Truly” these are the Stories That Inspire Us!!

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