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Stories That Inspire Us / The Author Series with Dr. Robert J. Wolf

Stories That Inspire Us / The Author Series, welcomed to today’s podcast, Thursday, August 17, 2023, Dr. Robert Wolf. Dr. Wolf is a National Speaker and Author of his new book "Not a Real Enemy: The True Story of a Hungarian Jewish Man's Fight for Freedom" along with Janice Harper, which just won (3) awards! The book details the remarkable story of his family's history that follows his Jewish parents and grandparents first living under the Nazis, and then under the communist regime in Hungary. It explores the depths of his family, shares their experiences, and his father Ervin Wolf's quest for freedom.

While immersing myself in Dr. Wolf's book, I found myself transported to a unique vantage point, where history unfolded before my eyes. His profound work evoked a deep sense of gratitude for his literary achievement. The pages held an irresistible allure and a constant thread of hope. True to its roots, this captivating narrative weaved together elements of suspense, tragedy, comedy, and ultimately, triumph. Brace yourself with a box of tissues for the emotional journey that awaits!

Step into the compelling narrative of Ervin Wolf and his family, as they navigate the turbulent grip of fascism sweeping across Eastern Europe, particularly Hungary. Witness their journey from a life of privilege in the upper-class to their harrowing imprisonment, daring escapes, heartbreaking losses, and thrilling exploits. Follow Ervin's gripping tale as he orchestrates his final escape under the cover of darkness, towards the elusive promise of freedom.

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Thank you Dr. Wolf - “truly” you have certainly carried on your parents’ mission to never let the past be forgotten and these are the Stories That Inspire Us!!