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Aug. 26, 2022

Stories That Inspire Us with Nadia Krauss - 08.26.22

Stories That Inspire Us with Nadia Krauss - 08.26.22

Stories That Inspire Us welcomed to this today’s podcast, Nadia Kauss.   Nadia is the author of "The Magic of Transformation - Igniting & Manifesting your Soul's Desires".   Her passion for Soul Health & Divine self-expression comes alive when she is able to take her clients through a Soul Realignment Power Retrieval Process.  She approaches this from a holistic side.

Coming from a corporate background, Nadia worked as a health coach but she always felt this pull to do something more.  When the pandemic hit, this started her spiritual sense that this was the beginning of a journey to fully claim her true gifts!  She began to work remotely and ended up having time to write her book!  Right after her book was published, she quit her job and the next day had her first discovery call!

Starting an online business can be such an overwhelming feeling; we know we are meant to do more but how do we go about doing it?  Nadia tapped into her “spiritual google” and the fear of not being her own boss was greater than the fear of not trying.  She wholeheartedly embraced what she was meant to do, despite the fear associated with becoming her own boss.

As Nadia commented that we all see “everybody” talking about the comfort zone, mindset zone, personal growth - what is missing is explaining what is actually happening.  We know that our comfort zone keeps us safe and secure.  From the perspective of what we want - we tend to stick with the “normalization” of addictive patterns.  Nadia coaches her clients on the soul timeframe and which in turn leads us to the next step.

Nadia loves the magic of transformation - transform your soul desire and align them with your heart wishes.  You’re building your own infrastructure and from their new growth, new skills and more soul desires!  Look at what we were meant to do!

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Are you following your soul’s desire?  What if you had the opportunity to fully embrace your “Diva” side??!!

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Thank you Nadia - Sharing your story of your heart and soul’s desire, going from the corporate world as a health coach to starting your own practice with soulful and purposeful intent in a holistic manner is Truly beyond amazing as these are the Stories That Inspires Us!!

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