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July 29, 2022

Stories That Inspire Us with Lynn Catalano, Esq. - 07.29.22

Stories That Inspire Us with Lynn Catalano, Esq. - 07.29.22

Stories That Inspire Us welcomed to today’s podcast, Lynn Catalano.  Lynn is an Author, Attorney, Speaker, Coach and survivor of narcissistic abuse.

Lynn was an only child and recalls vividly that most memories of family gatherings, centered around her parents’ behavior toward one another.  You would think that 2 + 2 = 4, however with her parents, it didn’t - that was a huge red flag.

You see, Lynn realized at a very early age that her Father was not who she thought he was.  Memories of her childhood flooded back to different family gatherings where she detected things were not normal.  Her parents' behavior toward one another at family gatherings was very dramatic and emotional.  You see, her Father was an abusive narcissistic person and her Mother protected Lynn to the best of her ability.

This became even more apparent to Lynn when about 12 years ago, her Mom passed away at the age of 66 as her Father continued on with his narcissistic behavior.  (Lynn explains in great detail that someone who has a co-dependency with a narcissistic person needs to be needed.  People who suffer from this type of mental illness (the abuser) have no hope; have no mutual respect; lack empathy and in most cases have no ability to navigate their behavior.)

Lynn realized that as a Mom herself, an attorney practicing law, the curious nature in her began to research and document every aspect and detail of what she remembered from this abuse from the past few years.

It must have been shocking in some respects after learning a family member is a narcissist, she learned how to reframe her thinking, retrain her mind and her reactions.  Now Lynn helps others do the same.  Lynn helps them reframe their thinking in every aspect of their lives; from the workplace to their personal life, becoming an agent of change.  She helps people identify the toxicity that’s standing between them and success and develop a plan to thrive.

Lynn is the author of the book “Wrecking Ball Relationships: How to Identify, Live With or Leave the Narcissist in Your Life,” available now on Amazon.

“ . . . you are not alone and you did nothing to deserve this.  This is not your fault but please know that there are resources out there and that you need to talk to someone; you need to protect your mental and emotional health.”  Lynn Catalano

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Let me know what you thought of today’s episode.  Are you in a narcissist abusive relationship?  How will you speak for yourself?  How will you break the cycle?  Please leave me a voice message through my website.  Also,  If you are interested in sharing your story, please go to my website and “register as a guest”.


Thank you Lynn - Lynn Catalano speaks and truly these are the Stories That Inspires Us!!

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