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Feb. 8, 2023

Stories That Inspire Us with Kristine Schroeder - 02.08.23

Stories That Inspire Us with Kristine Schroeder - 02.08.23

Stories That Inspire Us welcomed to today’s podcast, Wednesday, February 8, 2023, Kristine Schroeder.  Kristine is a small business owner of a Virtual Assistant business, Schroeder Administrative Solutions.  Before she began the journey of entrepreneurship, she had to overcome the demons of her past.

To say that was a learning journey is an understatement.  She came to realize that it was not her fault for many of the things that she was burdened with as an impressionable 13-year old.  It took her many years to have the confidence and NOT be a victim in order for her to succeed in life and business.

She was Daddy’s little girl and at the young age of 7 years old, her Dad passed away.  Kristine was the oldest and at that time had a younger sister and her Mother was pregnant at the time her Dad passed away.  About a week later, her Mom gave birth to a baby boy.  Kristine has fond memories of her Mom - “she was an amazing Mother for a few years.”

Her Mother remarried and by this time, her Mom started drinking heavily with her new husband.  For a young teen, there was a lot of emotional turmoil.  (Kristine shared the emotional backdrop to her story at that time which was very raw and authentic.  She described in great detail one evening when her Mom and Step-Father came home and unfortunately, her Step-Father passed away.  They had been married for less than a year.)

Her Mother, now twice widowed, married a third time.  The alcohol abuse continued, there was an emotional toll on Kristine that raised to the level of being a parent to her Mom and being the parent to her younger siblings.

Kristine learned the hard way what gaslighting was and how to spot it and defend herself against it. While she looks back on her early years, she has learned to have confidence and not put herself in that position of being a victim.  She now continues to succeed in her life and business.   That is “Truly” inspiring!!

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Thank you Kristine - sharing your story in a way that embodies the will of the spirit to move forward in life is awe inspiring as “Truly” these are the Stories That Inspire Us!!

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