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Jan. 14, 2023

Stories That Inspire Us with Keith Gittens-Jones - 01.14.23

Stories That Inspire Us with Keith Gittens-Jones - 01.14.23

Stories That Inspire Us welcomed to today’s podcast, Saturday, January 14, 2023, Keith Gittens-Jones.  Keith is better known by his stage name Phantom Electric Ghost (“PEG”) or alter ego Josephine Electric.  Keith is a dedicated electronic musician and producer, hailing from Concord, New Hampshire.  PEG is a one-person band that has been his vehicle for expressing sounds and concepts that he references as Expansive Sound Experiments or Sound Paintings.  Jones is a cancer survivor who overcame a level 3 Sarcoma in 1997.

After Keith overcame Cancer from a Level 3 Sarcoma in 1997, he started to seriously pursue his love for music, and he did that in more ways than one!  He was always a behind the scenes type of producer and realized that there was so much more he wanted to enhance through the music industry.

In 2019, PEG released through his indie label Expansive Sound Experiments “The Flower That Blooms at Midnight in the Tomb” and synthwave and experimental album created almost entirely on the Teenage Engineering OP-Z multimedia synthesizer and sequencer.

PEG has collaborated with artists such as Chernobello.com (for the cover of the album II Infinitum in 2017) and ALT+CTRL+K (Kiri Margaros) on the same project.

His love, history and knowledge of music was deeply influenced by progressive rockers such as Emerson Lake and Palmer, Genesis, and YES; PEG is also rooted in New Romantic (New Wave), Jazz (Sun Ra), and Funk (Prince, Parliament Funkadelic, and Sly and Family Stone).  This diverse mix of genres is what makes up Expansive Sound and what makes PEG a unique musical endeavor.

Unique is an understatement.  Keith was able to demonstrate his talents and bring a dimension of life to PEG as well as Josephine Electric.  In fact, at one point, Josephine Electric was attempting to steal away the spotlight!

From overcoming his brush with cancer, kicking fear to the curb to working with bands and producers literally from all over the world, Keith’s story is beyond inspiring!

To connect with Keith further, please check out his website and various social media platforms.








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Thank you Keith - “Truly”  your love of music and being so enthusiastic about music in such a way which inspires others is beyond amazing as these are the Stories That Inspire Us!!

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