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July 22, 2022

Stories That Inspire Us with Janet White - 07.22.22

Stories That Inspire Us with Janet White - 07.22.22

Stories That Inspire Us welcomed to today’s podcast, Janet White.  Janet is a Registered Nurse and Certified Life Coach.  She was in the health field for many years and then the pandemic came around and she lost her job.  She started thinking “what do I want out of life?”

She recalled her story thus far since that time:  she was in a long term abusive marriage, had a bout with cancer, self-esteem / body issues coupled with a tremendous amount of grief.  She had lost her Mom and shortly thereafter, her sister.  She found that she was drowning her sadness and grief with alcohol.  (She shared some very intimate, raw and authentic feelings of what she was going through.)

She knew that she had to do something, realizing that she was putting herself in victim mode and using alcohol as her crutch.  “How can I be the best?”  She had heard about being a life coach and started to look at various courses to take (she recommended that you look at the ICF - Accredited Courses.)  Janet took this 8-month course, and became a Certified Life Coach.

As a result of her story and being brutally honest with herself, she lost 50 lbs., quit drinking and on a daily basis is learning to be happy with herself and all of her imperfections!  Part of Janet’s daily routine includes her 7-point system (categorizing each one on a scale of 1 - 10)  which she also shares with her clients - Pre Cans:

P - Purpose and Passion

R - Rest and Recovery

E - Exercise

C - Connection

A -  (no) Alcohol

N - Nutrition

S - Sleep

Janet just came out with her newly released book:  “Finding Bliss Beyond the Buzz” - to order her book, click the link below:


To connect with Janet, you may email her directly, or check out her website and various social media platforms:






Are you holding yourself hostage with being a victim?  Do you self-medicate your current problems?  Are you giving yourself permission to do the things that you want to do?

Let me know what you thought of today’s episode.  If you are interested in sharing your story, please go to my website and “register as a guest”.


Thank you Janet - We all need our Pre Cans and if your Pre Cans Can, well Truly these are the  Stories That Inspire Us!!

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