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Aug. 5, 2022

Stories That Inspire Us with Dr. Victoria Wilson-Crane - 08.05.22

Stories That Inspire Us with Dr. Victoria Wilson-Crane - 08.05.22

Stories That Inspire Us welcomed to today’s podcast, Dr. Victoria Wilson-Crane.  Dr. Wilson-Crane is an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, and supports adults grieving life losses. Educational innovator and leader, Dr. Wilson-Crane used her academic writing skills and love of words as therapy as she faced significant bereavements in 2020.

In 2020, Dr. Wilson-Crane shared that she lost her niece at a very young age.  She went through a different array of emotions and felt as though she was outside the inner circle of grief.  It was so hard for her to process her feelings.  She began to express her grief through journaling and researched different methods to help her go through the grieving process.

She started to apply what she learned through her research and began to feel better equipped on how to deal with her emotions.  She wanted to share this method with others and became an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist.

Her award-winning memoir and self-help book Sixteen Days, published in January 2022, provides advice for those supporting others in shock and grief following sudden death. It helps people feel more comfortable to know what to say and do, when someone dies.

(Sixteen Days is the number of days from when her niece died to the time of her funeral.  Through Dr. Wilson-Crane’s own personal experience grief with her niece’s death, she is able to coach others through the grieving process.)

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Let me know what you thought of today’s episode.  How have you experienced grief or a traumatic event in your life?  Are you supporting someone going through grief or a traumatic event?  Dr. Wilson-Crane would love the opportunity to have that conversation with you!

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Thank you Dr. Victoria Wilson-Crane - Truly, these are the Stories That Inspire Us!!

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