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Aug. 3, 2022

Stories That Inspire Us with Christi and Rick Diamond - 08.03.22

Stories That Inspire Us with Christi and Rick Diamond - 08.03.22

Stories That Inspire Us welcomed to today’s podcast, Christi and Rick Diamond.  Christi and Rick are both directors at Marriage Boot Camp (as seen on WETV) and have helped hundreds of couples heal and repair their marriages to create a lasting and solid connection with each other.

As with many married couples, and especially for Christi and Rick, this was each of their respective 2nd marriages.  Christi met Rick at a church dance and reported that “  . . . of all the guys that I danced with that night I saw kindness in his blue eyes . . . “.  She and Rick immediately connected; however, he lived about an 1.5 away from her home so it didn’t work out right away.  They ended up dating a year later which became an 8-hour date!

They got married; settled into their new married lives then about 2 years into their marriage, their prior wounds, their prior traumas and past behaviors began to creep into their marriages (for each of them.)  They embarked on a journey of marriage counseling and that didn’t seem to work out.  They sat down with their children and announced they were divorcing.  (Christi and Rick shared such vulnerable information; to hear the sorrow in their voices of the wounds in their marriage, for each of them to realize the part and role each of them played was not only astounding, but eye-opening.)

Christi went away on a business trip to LA for a speaking engagement.  She went through a traumatic experience while in LA and was robbed and held at gunpoint.  (She flew back home as soon as she could and Rick met her at the airport.  Christi describes her ordeal as ultimately a “divine intervention”; Rick realized he almost lost his wife.

They were in Sam’s shortly after her flying back home and it was in the middle of the aisle that Rick admitted “I can’t without you.”  (To hear the passion in each of their voices . . .)

Life moved forward yet there were still unresolved issues with their marriage.  Fast forward and Christi decided she was going to go to bootcamp.  She informed Rick, this is when I’m going and I want you to go.  (He went kicking and screaming!)  Needless to say as Rick put it, this intervention was “life changing”.

Together, they created "Healing Acres" where they facilitate individuals and couples at their luxurious retreat center on 40 acres as they unplug from the world and plug into deep connection with themselves and each other in an exquisite experience surrounded by opulence and nature.

Together they have traveled the U.S. speaking and teaching classes on healing all while living their dreams together. They are the parents of 4 children and they highly value laughter, intimacy and family.

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Let me know what you thought of today’s episode.  If you had the opportunity to work on your marriage, would you attend a bootcamp?  If you answered yes, I hope you consider Healing Acres!  Please leave me a voice message through my website.  Also,  If you are interested in sharing your story, please go to my website and “register as a guest”.


Thank you Christi and Rick - Truly, these are the Stories That Inspires Us!!

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