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July 21, 2022

Stories That Inspire Us with Ashley Jangro - 07.21.22

Stories That Inspire Us with Ashley Jangro - 07.21.22

Stories That Inspire Us welcomed to today’s podcast, Ashley Jangro.  Ashley is a former teacher (MA Ed.), Certified Life Coach, and most importantly, a Mom. She is the founder of Mentally Strong Moms, a group designed to help moms build the mental strength, learn the strategies, and get the support they need to raise mentally strong kids, even if their kids are struggling with mental wellness.

Her story started back when her daughter was struggling with anxiety and depression (and unknown to Ashley at the time, undiagnosed ADHD).  She tried everything she could to help, including going back to school for a second MA in Counseling. In Ashley’s words, nothing she did seemed to help, and she found herself often drowning in fear, shame, helplessness and hopelessness.

While Ashley was completing the counseling program, she discovered life coaching, and started working with a coach to lose weight and stop relying on alcohol as a way to cope. She learned to manage her mind and emotions, which was new and life changing. She found herself meeting her goals, and realized that the skills she learned impacted every area of her life.

She did not, however, anticipate the powerful impact learning these skills herself would have on her daughter's mental health.  As Ashley’s mental health improved, her daughter’s improved as well.

Ashley is a big believer that with the right tools, Moms (and Dads!) can have a massive impact on the mental health of the upcoming generation. Mental health professionals are often faced with more needs than they can meet right now.  Ashley has bridged the gap to arm parents with the tools they need to support their kids to fill and maintain that gap.

Ashley’s program, Mentally Strong Moms, helps moms build up their own mental strength by gaining an experiential knowledge of strategies that they can pass onto their kids so they can raise mentally strong kids.

“Correction over obedience.”  “Prioritize connection over correction.  What am I making it mean?”

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Do you or your teen suffer from depression and anxiety?  Is what you’ve been doing so far not working?  What have you tried that has worked?

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Thank you Ashley - Truly you have not only inspired your daughter and family, you have done the same with your clients!  These are the Stories That Inspire Us!!

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