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July 25, 2022

Stories That Inspire Us with Ann Visser - 07.25.22

Stories That Inspire Us with Ann Visser - 07.25.22

Stories That Inspire Us welcomed to today’s podcast, Ann Visser.  Ann is the co-founder of 4 Better 4 Ever and a certified John Maxwell coach, speaker and trainer.  For over 20 years, she has been empowering and equipping individuals and organizations to communicate clearly to build close connections because effective communication is essential for every healthy relationship.

“It starts with our story.”  Ann’s is no different.  She fell in love with her soul mate; high school sweethearts.  She pursued him and their love affair began!  Life moved at a fast pace and within 6 years, Ann and her husband had (5) children!

As life goes, it has different stages, so did Ann’s marriage.  At one point, she and her husband had a discussion and Ann started it off with “I can’t do this anymore.”  Her husband shared what he was feeling in his view of how they were communicating (or not.)  It’s not that she wanted to end her marriage but the communication factor was not there.  (The blessing in Ann’s story is that through this conversation with her husband started the process of healing and communicating in a better, more effective way!)

They went to marriage counseling, read all sorts of books and applied what they had learned along the way in their marriage.  As a result, she and her husband started to share and apply what they learned with others and organized their business 14 years ago, 4 Better 4 Ever and for about 8 years, were initially offering their services for free.  (They both knew that their 4 Better 4 Ever was meant for more!)

She shared that we all want better communication.  She was at the point of what she (thanks to one of her friends) refers to such communication issues as the “creeping separateness”.  She shared some amazing points on how to process your feelings and actions of communication such as:  check your emotions; check your motives and check your mindset.  (For Ann, she has a “thinking chair” where she sits down and goes through the same practices and exercises she coaches her clients with.)

Ann and her husband, Melis, have been married for 41 years. They love spending time with their 5 married children and 11 grandchildren.

Ann is offering a free 7-Day Challenge (5-Step Method to Start Effective Pivotal Conversations - thank you Ann!)  To learn more and sign up for the free 7-Day Challenge, click the below link:


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Thank you Ann - 4 Better 4 Ever may be someone’s happily ever-after!  Truly these are the  Stories That Inspire Us!!

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