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July 16, 2022

Stories That Inspire Us with Amanda Karch - 07.16.22

Stories That Inspire Us with Amanda Karch - 07.16.22

Stories That Inspire Us welcomed to today’s podcast, Amanda Karch.  Amanda is a published poet and avid writer, continuing to hone her entrepreneurial skills from college through her path as an author.

Her debut nonfiction book, "Poetic Potential: Sparking Change & Empowerment Through Poetry," was released in December of 2021 through New Degree Press.  It is her hope to spread the power of poetry and of female voices to the world.

Amanda shared that she has always loved writing and her inspiration has been nonstop and comes to her at various times.  It is a love that comes from the heart.   Amanda, like many writers, loves the pen to paper as there is no fear of hiding her passion within!  She has gained so much confidence and it certainly has helped her with public speaking.

She also shared that writing for her can be messy and that’s okay as it is part of the process.  She writes from the heart and will continue to share her journey!  She recently held a small, intimate workshop with 4 young women on behalf of Empower Her Voice.

Amanda is an amazing young woman herself and through her poetry and her love of being an avid writer, she has published two books (please check out her Amazon link below to order.)  She will continue to inspire, to engage and create poetry without fear, without reservation with only inspiring others to do what they love to do!

To connect with Amanda further, please check out her website and various social media platforms:






How are you going to inspire others?  Do you like to write poetry?  How will you empower your voice?

Let me know what you thought of today’s episode.  Do you have a story you want to share?  Know that there is someone who needs to hear your story - your story will inspire others as Amanda’s has inspired many!   Please feel free to check out my website and “register as a guest”.


Thank you Amanda - Truly Stories That Inspires Us!!

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Amanda Karch

Author, Poet, Storyteller

Amanda Karch is a Babson College alum, honing her entrepreneurship skills through her journey as a poet and author. She writes poetry ranging from love to feminism, hoping to inspire and empower. Her debut poetry collection Her Favorite Color Was Sunshine Yellow (2020) sold almost 200 copies in its first print year. Her work has also been published or is forthcoming with Paddler Press, Topical Poetry, Querencia Press, Pile Press, and Moonstone Press. You can find her on Instagram/Twitter @akkwriting.