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Sept. 24, 2022

Stories That Inspire Us / The Author Series with Tasha Wilson - 09.24.22

Stories That Inspire Us / The Author Series with Tasha Wilson - 09.24.22

Stories That Inspire Us / The Author Series welcomed to today’s podcast, Saturday, September 24, 2022, Tasha Wilson. Tasha is an International Bestselling Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur. Tasha has published four books and co-authored one anthology.  As a sexual assault survivor, Tasha shares her evolutionary journey to inspire millennial women in breaking glass ceilings by transforming their pain into power and rediscover who they are beyond their trauma.

Tasha has transformed her story and redefines it each and every day.  She battled with how she was raised (in a lovely, caring family and being respectful to others) vs surviving a sexual assault.  Two conflicting patterns and she began to question her identity and self-worth.  She was paralyzed.  She also questioned whether or not she deserved any happiness.

At some point in her life, she realized that she had to share her story.  She wanted to use her voice in a way that empowered others and she has done that way beyond what she even thought was possible!

Recognizably known as Tasha W: Messenger of Hope™, she helps millennial women unlock the treasure within, confront pitfalls from the past, and explore the power of fearlessness.   Tasha is fearless and in 2015, she founded the Royalty Refined Movement, a community network that fosters sisterhood centered around self-discovery, personal development, and freedom.

To connect with Tasha further or purchase any of her books, please check out her website, Amazon link and various social media platforms:





She would love the opportunity to share with you how she can support you.

Let me know what you thought of today’s episode.  Also, do you have a story you want to share?  Your story will inspire others as Tasha’s has!   If you are interested in sharing your story, please go to my website and “register as a guest”.


Thank you Tasha - you are THE Messenger of Hope™ as these Truly are the Stories That Inspires Us!!

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