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Sept. 29, 2022

Stories That Inspire Us / The Author Series with Fran Garton - 09.29.22

Stories That Inspire Us / The Author Series with Fran Garton - 09.29.22

Stories That Inspire Us / The Author Series, welcomed to today’s podcast, Thursday, September 29, 2022, Fran Garton.  Fran is a Speaker, Body Inclusive Personal Trainer, and Pain Reduction Coach.  Her passion is advocating for inclusive movement practices, body acceptance, stress reduction and learning to love movement.

Fran is also #1 Bestselling Co-Author of the recently released book:  Body Bliss:  The Journey to Body Acceptance.  Fran’s journey to body acceptance is a very raw, intimate and personal story of her inner battle.  She shares her journey in a very vulnerable way.  This is really her story behind her story.

I rebelled against traditional norms that would label me as beautiful.”  Fran Garton       What’s important to point out first and foremost, Fran is beautiful inside and out!   She’s “rebelled” in such an uncensored way and this is what I absolutely love about Fran!

From her journey of being in constant pain (she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia) to the further acceptance of her fate to becoming the Fibromyalgia Warrior that she truly is.  It is with her warrior frame of mind that she became a Pain Reduction Coach.  She teaches her clients how to live pain free.  While many of Fran’s clients can attest to as well as Fran herself, learning to “listen” to the messages that your body is sending you is crucial!  (Fran and others that suffer from Fibromyalgia have a very heightened sense and reaction to sensory conditions.)

Fran also engages her clients to learn to love movement.  This association of movement also works parallel with her clients to identify their triggers.  As a result, this helps to reduce stress, set boundaries, and to also stop caring about what other people think. It’s about implementing strategies and tools focusing on mindset, movement and nutrition.

While Fran does not label herself your typical type of a personal trainer, she is so much more than that!

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Thank you Fran - you may have “rebelled” but you claimed your body bliss in a very beautiful way and “Truly” these are the Stories That Inspires Us!!

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