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Short A Vadic
No one can pronounces Vadic after 8 episodes but it’s still the best review podcast for Picard.

Love this show!
Such great chemistry and fun, knowledgeable discussion!! Thank you!!!

Amazing Podcast
Being a fan of DS9, TNG, and Voyager I was excited to hear that there would be a new Star Trek show. Not long after I found this podcast and have been listening ever since through all of the new shows. You all have excellent chemistry and I love to hear the different takes when discussing each episode. Keep the hot takes coming!

I love this podcast!!!
I am an original series fan only. Just started watching Discovery a few weeks ago and bingeing through at warp speed, just finished season 2. I think I look forward to listening to this podcast every day after watching an episode almost as much as I enjoy the actual show. The folks on it are knowledgeable and appealing and very funny, and most importantly they are POSITIVE. They are truly fans, and although they do point out flaws, I appreciate that they seem to really love the show, as do I. Keep up the good work!

Inclusive and interesting
I really enjoy these podcasts and the different knowledge base of each caster. I fun listen and a great way to escape.

Wonderfully Amazing
This podcast is something I have been looking for. I have listened to my favorite episodes from the past 2 seasons. I love to here the depth of knowledge and how much they get right as far as theories. I would suggest this to anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge and love of Star Trek. I am currently binging the streams for this season so I can be caught up on the conversation for tonight’s live stream. I would strongly encourage anyone to support this podcast on Patreon. Keep up the great work guys. P.S. don’t know why you aren’t the official podcast .You are better in my opinion.

As much IDIC as you can get with four people
I really enjoy this podcast, and try not to miss the live post-episode reactions on YouTube. The four hosts are diverse across multiple dimensions, including degree of Trek fandom, race/ethnicity, and gender - as much as four people can cover. This makes for conversations which are deeper in different areas depending on the episode or topic. Their inclusivity invites the formation of a welcoming community of listeners who gather on Slack (get access through contributing via Patreon) and have watchalongs and fun banter sharing our fandom. In this time when we are all longing for community and connection, it's a welcome virtual space. Thanks, Mike, Myrriah, Clyde, and Grant!

Great Pod!
Great discussions, great hosts, great Podcast! If you are looking for a Star Trek podcast that feels like hanging out with your friends while having insightful and funny discussions about Star Trek - this is it!

A new love of DS9
Thank you ao much for your special episode on DS9. I have never watched any episode of that series and I was really glad this was my first one. I then watched Past Tense parts 1 and 2. Do you think you guys would be able to review that one? It also has a lot of relevance today’s events. Specifically how rebellion can be seen as protests or riots in different people’s eyes.

Quality Trek Talk
One of my favorite all time listening to their take on all thinks Trek...old and new!

Boo Hugh 😢
Love your podcast! At first I was afraid it would be a bunch of kids being annoying - but you guys are thoughtful, genuine and have fun without being snarky or annoying. My two cents: Hugh was the hero I didn’t know I needed - how can we get him back?? Also, as unpopular as he seems to be, I’d love to see me some Chakotay! ❤️❤️

Great podcast
I found this crew after listening to a few disappointing Star Trek Podcasts and they are the best. They reign in the rambling much better than most and have some thoughtful perspectives from diverse points of view. They also know their Star Trek history enough to point out deep connections but manage to never come across as obnoxious fanboys. I really enjoy hearing their take to help pick up on new things each week.

Great crew reviewing this new wave of Trek
They’re entertaining and informative fans who review the episodes with great production quality. I am still catching up through their Discovery season 2, but have yet to find a disappointing episode. By far the best Trek podcast out there!

Best Trek podcast for Discovery and Picard
First I look forward to your podcast! The “girl” is the best (sorry guys! But she edges you slightly out). I also like that you have a newbie in your cast. I don’t mind your language but I have to be careful when I’m playing your podcast in my classroom before school starts and I have students hanging out (I teach high school astronomy). To the series itself - I’m enjoying Picard quite a bit. I didn’t mind the slow build up- it gives me a chance to build my own theories as to where the show goes. I have a thought that the series maybe setting us up for an assembly of a crew without Picard but with...wait for it... the starship “Picard” (Picard dies heroically at the end of the second season and the “assembled” crew names the ship -or a new ship - Picard and the adventures continue.) Just an thought! Btw if you get a chance and you understand German, listen to the German podcast and their take of Picard. Interesting how different cultures critique the show (btw they are enjoying the show.). Keep up the good work! 5 stars!

Remember: Gene Roddenberry is dead
I like what’s happening with STP (and I like, BTW, the arc of Star Trek Discovery and look forward to S3), and the only nit picky thing I have is adhering to Star Trek canon like bible verse. Good story needs character development AND conflict. Gene, thinking you could avoid conflict, was clearly smoking crack. Also, I’m so happy that Star Trek has dispensed of “episodes” and have gone the serialized route. This develops characters and suspense. In sum, I like your podcast, but please quit nitpicking about how things don’t conform to previous shows. I guarantee that when TNG first came out that TOS fans hated it because it didn’t conform to TOS. Let the franchise grow. And, I do like your podcast. I gave it 5 stars. So there.

Glad I found them!
These folks know how to do a podcast! Their commentary is fun and insightful. I love that they have seasoned Trek fans and a newbie as well because it really rounds out the perspectives. It's great that they engage with fans while streaming! I hope they continue this awesome cast!

Terrific Show
This podcast is the Bombdiggity !!! . WHAT I enjoy about the podcast is the detailed review , different points of view and the diversity of the group ..A++- Thank you, Live Long and Prosper

So fun!
My favorite Star Trek podcast!! I am new to Star Trek, having been introduced with Discovery. The hosts are so fun and I really appreciate the range of Star Trek knowledge since I’m a newbie myself. So glad to have this as a companion for the show!

Fun and smart—w/an occasional curse word!!
I love this show! I found it between seasons 1 and 2 of Discovery and have not missed a beat since! 3 guys and a gal (Thanks Myrriah!) and Grant is a newbie to Trek starting with Disco. These folks are fun, funny, smart, and not afraid to get a little dirty. I really enjoy them and pay $2 an episode on Patreon to be included in the Slack. Thanks guys!!

SO enjoy this
I’ve been searching for a good Star Trek Disc podcast that actually talked about an episode and didn’t go off track. Also loved your bantering while not coming across as trying to out cliche each other as most of the rest do. I don’t know your names yet, but thank you to the girl on here. You bring more emotional aspects of characters where as the guys are more technical, if this makes sense. The “F” bombs don’t really get it for me, but what the heck. I’m an old-school Southern grandma who was brought up not to swear in mixed company!! 😂😊 Anyways, keep it up everyone! Y’all stand out amongst all the others!!

Worth listening to!
After I watch STP, I like to listen to this. Great job, guys!

Best Trek Cast
Since the beginning of Discovery aka the return of Star Trek, I’ve been on the search for a worthwhile, intelligent discourse on the excellent new shows of this legends franchise. After weeks of searching for new, old, and intelligent podcasts, I’ve come across two that had more to offer than mundane, shallow fanboying/fangirling that lacked depth. I found two that I eventually got hooked on: women at warp and this one. While WAW discusses 80s/90s shows, this is the only one that I regularly listen every episode of as soon as one drops. More so, it’s also the first podcast I’ve ever subscribed through on Patreon for bonus episodes. At times, the boys on the cast, can get a bit excited over their own opinions and become a bit petty and snarky, but overall it’s clear that they have deep knowledge of the Trek, are intelligent and are caring about the subject matter. Highly recommended!!!!

Great Flow And Content, Keeps Me Entertained And Informed
There are not many podcasts that get my attention for an hour plus, but this ragtag crew of misfits put a smile on my face as I relive the episode of the week. Whether it’s Picard or Discovery, I’m amazing that they keep my wandering mind focused on the task at hand. I clearly miss a lot in each episode but the guys (and gal) are there to make sure that nothing goes unnoticed and I am prepared for the next episode. Not only do I enjoy the podcast, the podcast heightens my enjoyment of the series! Thanks, I think this podcast will be my first patreon relationship:)

Hailing Frequencies Open!
Running a Podcast myself, I have a difficult time finding an hour or two to listen to other shows. But from the minute the Discovery Pod came up on my long range sensors, I’ve made the time to listen to their show. What I really dig is that each host has a differing level of Star Trek Knowledge. Some have enough to get accepted to the Daystrom Institute with honors, while others have only started watching since Discovery came about. This adds a really fun dynamic. The DISCO Pod also has an awesome Patreon program that is absolutely worth giving a couple of dollars to. After just one episode, I subscribed. Can’t wait to hear the crew’s thoughts on the rest of the season of Picard, and look forward to their reviews of Discovery Season 3.

Great dynamic and discussion
I've really enjoyed the group assembled for this podcast and the range of trek fanndom and perspective. A positive show that shares their love for Star Trek

Intelligent Reviews, Very Fun!
I really enjoy this podcast! These folks are very fun, the kind of people you would want to hang out with! They thoughtfully discuss the episodes in a critical yet intelligent way that makes listening to their discussions really enjoyable. If you are just finding them, go back and listen to all the older episodes!

Enjoying the Conversations
Hi StarTrek 💫 guys! Super awesome review and comments on this episode! Enjoy them all!🖖🏼

great episode discussion
If you love reading comment sections and episode breakdowns you will love this podcast. Usually, I will watch the episode once, listen to this podcast, then I watch the episode again. I take away so much from the podcast that I catch so many more details. Can't help but be a huge fan!

Cue theme song “Thank you for being a Friend” 🎵🎶
The friendly banter between these guys is the some of the greatest joy I get out a podcast. I can easily agree and disagree with their assessments of the episodes as they give plenty of trek- knowledge filled answers as to why it may not live up to their expectations but the love for trek still comes through. Other podcasts I’ve heard pander to the writers but I love how these hosts can discuss and be critical yet still appreciate the show for what it is. Star Trek. I love how real and honest these hosts are. Thanks guys!

It's just that good!
This podcast got me through some really tough pain levels while in the hospital for neck surgery in January, and then another one in February. These guys are hilarious, know their stuff--most days(it's Amanda Grayson, y'all! lol)--and totally entertaining. Disco wouldn't be the same without being viewed through the lens of this amazing podcast!