Southeastern Fly

Southeastern Fly

This fly fishing podcast is dedicated to helping anglers improve their skills. We talk to guides, manufactures, and competition anglers. We work to help the listener understand all facets of fly fishing.

Episodes improve anglers understanding of fishing in the Southeastern US and wherever you may travel to enjoy fly fishing.
Come along. Sit back and relax. Have a drink. Smoke a fine cigar. Most of all just enjoy the Southeastern Fly Podcast.

Recent Episodes

Jan. 2, 2023

E50 - Fly Fishing with Dead Presidents

This is the 50th episode of Southeastern Fly. For this special occasion David got together his closeknit fly fishing friends, known as the Liars & Tyers. The discussion, although sometimes completely off-the-rails, is centered mostly around taking a...

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Nov. 7, 2022

E49 - Deepwater Nymphing Strategies

Guide, author and Founder of , Ryan Johnston joins David for a discussion about nymphing in high flows when the water looks all the same. They get "deep" into rods, leaders, tippets, presentation and provide good tips on the topic. …

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Oct. 3, 2022

E48 - Polarized Sunglasses and Sight Fishing

Which polarized lense do I need for sight fishing? Which frame looks good but also helps block light in just the right places? Which lense works best for anglers with older eyes? What's a Permit stick? Al Perkinson, the founder …

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Sept. 5, 2022

E47 - Carp on the Fly

Fly fishing for carp is different from other types of angling. Stealth is critical, accuracy is an absolute must and patience is king. It doesn't matter if you are fishing for tailing carp, or crawling carp, the guest on this …

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Aug. 1, 2022

E46 - A Stillwater Adventure

Want to learn more about fishing midges? Wonder how to fly fish through the entire lifecycle of a chironomid? Want to learn more about special leaders and tippets when fishing a midge pattern? Take an adventure with Dave Stewart of …

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July 4, 2022

E45 - Tying Flies with The Fly Doctor

Support the Southeastern Fly Podcast . For someone who might be apprehensive and not know where to start, how does tyat person start tying flies? Which types of feathers should we use for soft hackles and how do we know …

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