Aug. 9, 2023

Management's Trifecta in Empowered Organizations

Join host Matt Perez for the conversation last week with Peter Green, Co-founder of Humanizing Work, about the three jobs of management for empowered organizations: creating clarity, increasing capability, and improving the system. The conversation spun around the reasons why many organizations see the benefits of empowerment; economic, human, or both, but they rarely know how to effectively manage the work in a way that gives people what they need without feeling directive or power-driven.

And if you are wondering about making work more fit for humans, and humans more capable of doing great work, you won't want to miss this conversation to learn how... and why.

In this engaging episode, Matt Perez and Peter Green explore the essential components of the management trifecta - clarity, capability, and system improvement - and their transformative impact on empowered organizations. Join us as we discuss practical insights and real-world strategies with our guest expert, highlighting the profound role of this trifecta in enhancing organizational effectiveness and fostering a culture of empowerment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Clarity breeds focused direction and aligned decision-making.
  • Building capability empowers teams to excel and adapt in dynamic environments.
  • Systematic improvements create a resilient framework for sustained success.

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Peter Green


Peter Green helps leaders take full advantage of their gifts to thrive in complex times. He combines individual leadership development with research in next-generation organizational models to help executives lead engaged, world-class organizations. As the Agile Transformation Leader at Adobe Systems, Peter helped the company make the critical business transition from perpetual desktop products to the subscription-based Creative Cloud. After five years of consulting and coaching a wide spectrum of organizations on all things agile, he cofounded the Humanizing Work Company to help organizations make work more fit for humans, and humans more capable of doing great work.